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The integration of all devices is so important these days. It's cool to be able to have the same access through your car as you have via your phone. But then you need to connect. This will teach you how to connect your phone to your car without Bluetooth. Read it all!


There is a certain satisfaction one derives from being able to attain full control and access to your car's many offerings. With regards to the ability to interact with your car through your phone, it's something every new vehicle owner looks forward to with relish. Of course, it's not always easy when speaking of how to connect phone to car without bluetooth.


Connecting your car to your phone brings a whole lot of fun to your car, but it's not always bluetooth! Here's how!

Now just picture this scenario, you're cruising along the highway on a long journey that will possibly take hours to bring you to your destination. But you're not worried about being bored or even tired during this considerably drawn out ride. Why? Simply because you have hands-free access to your car which can be configured pretty easily these days.

With this access, you can carry out some activities while driving. Activities like answering phone calls, which, as we all know, is prohibited while your car is in motion. This is mainly due to the unsafe way we go about it. However, with the hands-free access capability, that can now be done in a safe manner, (the hands-free way).

Also, for those that love the best driving songs or music even while driving, you can easily connect your phone to your car's speaker. This enables you to enjoy the rich and quality sounds from it, all these making your journey a very entertaining and enjoyable one.

Car tech and your phone

How advanced your car is technology-wise plays a huge part in the way you connect your phone to your car's audio system. In older model cars, it used to be that one could only connect his/her phone to a car using a 1/8 to 1/8 auxiliary input cable as car stereos did not come equipped with Bluetooth connectivity.

These days, however, there are diverse and easier ways of connecting mobile phones to vehicles, all still depending on your car and its available features. However, Bluetooth connectivity is a much-preferred method as it allows you to stream songs wirelessly. But what to do if you don't want to connect via Bluetooth? Let's see the top ways to make your car and your phone one.

Methods of phone-to-car connection

There are basically five main ways of connecting a mobile phone to an automobile and they are as follows:

  • Via Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Via Audio Cable
  • Via USB Cable
  • Via Wireless Fm Transmitter
  • Via Bluetooth Cassette Adapter

1. Via Bluetooth Connectivity

Though the title interprets how to connect phone to car without bluetooth, let us include this method in the list as it has stayed in the mind of anyone who drives cars in Nigeria as well as other countries as the favorite method to connect your phone to any carr.

This car user favorite is more prevalent in the newer car models and has no issue streaming your favorite songs. This can be controlled directly from your car stereo screen. However, the quality of sound produced from speakers of different car models can differ, also depending on the type of android phone or iPhone one is using.

Pairing your phone to your car stereo system should not be much of a bother as it will usually start the discovery or pairing process once you come in close contact with the vehicle using your phone. You should then try to locate your Bluetooth menu on both, make sure it's switched on, and then follow the incoming instructions to pair and gain access to this feature.

An issue that can be easily solved is the situation where your car lacks a Bluetooth connectivity feature and you're interested in having one. Automobile markets make available Bluetooth car kits which you can either fix yourself or do so with the help of a professional.


Bluetooth is one of the best car to phone connectivity methods

2. Via Audio Cable

Usually a mainstay-feature in most of the older car models, the audio cable connection is highly recommended for its simplicity. This is due to the fact that it requires minimal setup procedures. All you need to do is procure a 1/8 to 1/8 auxiliary cable, then you can easily attach it to the stereo’s aux from your mobile device's headphone jack.

This connectivity has a downside to it, however. With this method, you always have to interact with your mobile phone physically. For example, when you would like to answer a call or perhaps change songs. This will always mean having to touch or pick up your phone. This can prove to be less favorable especially when driving.


Cables used to be used to connect and are still popular in old cars

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3. Via USB Cable

The USB port feature can be found equipped in newer car models and can be set up quite easily. You just have to find the USB input on your car stereo and then plug a USB cable into this input from your phone. Lastly, you only need to set your car's stereo source to the USB input, and Voilà! You can now play songs straight from your car stereo.

It is one of the preferred ways of phone-to-car connections as it keeps your concentration on the road most of the time while driving.


USB connections are easy, quick, and widely used

4. Via Wireless FM Transmitter

This is an older method still in use today. It can be set up either by using a USB cable or a Bluetooth connection between your phone and the FM Transmitter. After the aforementioned connection is established, your car's stereo then needs to be set to the same frequency as the FM Transmitter.

The FM Transmitter's performance, however, can be affected. This depends on your geographical area due to the differences in radio frequencies from zone to zone. Simply put, if there are no FM radio frequencies in your zone then it's going to be really difficult setting up the connection.

5. Via Bluetooth Cassette Adapter

For the older cars, this might be the best way of connecting your phone to your car stereo and interacting with it. Especially for automobile collectors who might own a large collection of these old cars with cassette player features. In such a case, it can simply be converted to a Bluetooth receiver, and as easy as that, you can stream songs from your mobile phone.

With a long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the Bluetooth Cassette Adapter is dependable and capable of lasting long in the case of distant journeys.

6. New car-to-phone audio tech

This is dependent not on your car totally, but also on your phone. Technology such as AppleCarPlay and Android Auto help you integrate completely with your car. You should note that only the latest cars come equipped with any or all of these.

The video below gives you an Android auto walkthrough for 2019:

Video: 2019 Android Auto Set Up and Walk Through | How To


Even with the many methods of phone-to-car connections made available, Bluetooth connectivity, as I keep on emphasizing on in this article, is highly recommended. It ensures hands-free use and considerable safety when driving compared to the rest. You can also get hefty traffic fines if caught using a phone while driving.

However, it's best to always find out about a vehicle's inbuilt features and accessories from its manual before making a purchase so as to know if it suits and aligns with your tastes. Now that you know how to connect phone to car without bluetooth, you should be able to enjoy your car's sound system and other tech considerably more.

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