Women at auto repairs - how to avoid being overcharged


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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Women car owners are prone to pay more on auto-repairs than men. Check here on how women can avoid being overcharged by auto-mechanics in Nigeria!

It is not a new thing that automotive world is male dominated whether in production or in repair. That is why as a female car owner or driver in Nigeria, there are certain challenges you will face especially if you are trying to get your car fixed at auto shop or even replacing a worn out part. As a woman trying to approach an auto mechanic to repair your car, you will be lucky not to be taken advantage. This is as a result of gender construct of a patriarchal Nigerian society. They naturally conclude that women have no automotive knowledge of any sort. If you know your way around, they will always play to your hand and you will be able to comfortably deal with these mechanics very well. Here on Naijauto, are ways of avoiding being overcharged by auto mechanic in Nigeria as a woman.

1. Know about the problems

It is often taken for granted as a woman to research about the specific problem in your car before taking it for a repair. When the mechanic senses lack of knowledge in you about the problem in your car, he may use that to exploit you and squeeze you financially. We have several automotive info here on this website that will be more than enough to get you prepared for what lies ahead. You can also research on the prices of the part you might need to replace in order to compare and arrive at the best deal.  


It is usually shocking for a woman to display automotive knowledge in the presence of her mechanic

2. Always check customers’ reviews

There is one thing people do before visiting any car shop, not just in Nigeria, is review. As a woman, you are trying to find a reliable and trustworthy mechanic, you need to keep your ears open and listen to what people who have patronized a particular mechanic say about him. That will give you hint on the kind of person he really is. We might have recommended online review for you, but we all know that it isn’t common here in Nigeria. You need deploy orthodox method to gather relevant information about mechanics close to you.

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3. Always ask question

Communication can be sometimes hazy between a female car owner and a male auto mechanic at times. As a female car owner, you need to break that barrier and work more on communication between you and the auto mechanic. You need to ask question about some certain maintenance and repair cost. Asking question will also make you understand some repairs that are urgent and some you can defer especially if it isn’t severe and your budget for that month is not up to it.

Female Mechanic Educates Women On How To Own The Auto Industry

When you follow these tips above, you will successfully avoid spending way over the actual price of repair for any issues you are having with your car as a woman in Nigeria.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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