Get that rodent out! How to prevent animals in car?


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One of the most distressing things to a car owner is to realize an animal lives in his or her car. But you can learn how to prevent animals in car. Read more here!

Some first notes

Animals are forever searching for the best hideouts to avoid becoming prey to bigger animals or humans. Many small animals such as rodents, insects, and many others prefer to hide in a car engine when they can get it. It can be tasking knowing how to prevent animals in car.

If the car owner fails to discover the hidden animal on time, it might turn around to ravage the electrical system of the car such as the fuel injector system. Domestic animals are not excluded from this behaviour. Some dogs and cats usually prefer to follow their owners when driving out for a particular appointment.

Some pet lovers find it difficult to discourage such behaviour from their pets. Animals in a car can easily disrupt the driving of the car owner. Some road accidents are caused by animals distracting drivers from concentrating on the road.


Apart from destroying your car, some rodents can be dangerous

As a car owner, you should examine your engine, bonnet, beneath the car seats, the braking system, and other hidden corners of your car before driving. The essence of this inspection is to ensure that your car is free from rodents, insects, and other small animals hiding to destroy things or interrupt your driving sessions. When you consistently notice the presence of animals in your car, you should start seeking solutions on how to prevent animals from getting into your vehicle.

The following preventive measures can help you avoid animals in the car and have a safe journey.

How to prevent animals in car?

1. Block small entrances into your engine compartment

Rats are desperate animals searching endlessly for a safe environment to hide away from dangers. The engine compartment is usually a secured hiding place for most rats. But how can rats enter your engine compartment?

Most automakers manufacture their cars leaving small holes to allow the car engine to access a lot of fresh air. However, rats and other rodents invade the engine compartment through these holes. If you fail to discover this invasion on time, the rats may begin to breed in your car.

You can look beneath your car to discover some of these holes and close them off. However, you should not block the hole completely. Give space for a small flow of air through the air vent. But ensure that the space is small enough so that no rodent can pass through it.

2. Keep your pets busy during departure

When leaving your house on a drive somewhere, ensure that your pet is busy with something. The desire to follow you may arise when the pet is smart enough to notice you are leaving. Don’t be surprised if your dog is dragging your car door with you.

Your goal as a pet owner is to avoid distractions coming from your pet while driving. You must find a way of keeping your pet engaged when you are about to drive off. If your pet cannot stay at home alone, hire a dog sitter to care for the pet.

Do not allow your pet to experience depression while you are away. Depression can make the animal develop an interest in going out with you whenever you make your departure obvious.


Driving with a pet, especially when alone, might not be safe always

3. Make your car uncomfortable for small animals

After trying several techniques to keep away rodents from your car without achieving success, making your car uncomfortable for them should be your next line of action. Experts usually advise car owners to use the following techniques to keep rodents out of the car:

  • Red pepper,
  • Used car litter,
  • Dog hair,
  • Cat hair,
  • Powdered fox urine,
  • Irish Spring Soap,
  • Laundry dry sheets, and many others.

You can spray or place any of these useful substances in your car to keep rodents and other animals away.


This little thing feels very much at home unfortunately

4. Avoid parking your car close to a dirty environment  

When you habitually prefer to park your car in an unclean environment, you may be inviting rodents and other animals into your car. These rodents can easily find a new home in your car. Therefore, ensure that your car is kept in a clean environment.

5. Keep your headlamps active while driving at night

Sometimes, you may not have an animal in your car, but you can mistakenly run into them while driving on the highway. If you are used to driving in a wildlife area, there are chances of meeting some wild animals on the highway.

In most Nigerian highways, monkeys, snakes, cows, and other animals usually cross the road to the other side in search of food. If you are driving too fast, you may run into any of these animals at night or during the day.

The collision can lead to an accident that can damage some parts of your car. Therefore, you must keep your headlamps shining, and visible enough to support your night driving session. Look ahead to ensure that the road is free and safe from wild animals to avoid unnecessary collisions. Some of these latest headlamps of 2020 will surely do the trick.


You may not encounter an angry elephant, but do try not to run into animals

6. Use a protective cover to protect your car

When you are not driving, you will likely park your car in the garage or any open space. During this period, an unfriendly animal may decide to take advantage and find a resting place in your car.

As a car owner that wishes to keep animals away from your car, you should use suitable protective car covers in defending your car from these animals. Visit a reliable store and order for a good cover. Innovators are coming up with better solutions every day.

A certain type of car cover is designed to cover the car from the wheels to the roof. Visit a big store to have several car cover options to select for your car.

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7. Avoid parking the car for a long period

When you often leave your car unused for a long period, animals may decide to take over the car. Don’t be surprised if you find birds making nests in your windscreen when you leave the car in a particular spot for a long time. Always make out time to keep your engine running and active.

Are There Creatures Living in Your Car You Don’t Know About?

Final Note

When you realize that animals are infesting your car, do not delay in providing a lasting solution to the problem. Animals can distract your attention from driving, and in some situations, destroy the electrical system of your car. Therefore, you should make sure that your car is on the safe side by learning how to prevent animals in car.

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