How new safety technologies are keeping you safe using sensors and alarms


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Cars are becoming safer as automakers are considering everybody's safety in the design of their new models using sensors and alarms to help keep you safe

When buying a car the first thing that people always check is performance and the power that is available to under the hood. However, another equally important feature of a car is its ability to keep the occupants in the vehicles safe.

Naijauto brings you some safety features car manufacturers are introducing in newer vehicles to keep the driver and its passengers safe. Also, helps know how to take full advantage of those features by first making you aware that they are even there.

Airbags has anything changed?

The first safety feature available to all occupants in a car is a seat belt, you strap yourself down so that in the case of any eventuality you are not injured. But most passengers don’t wear their seat belts despite the ease of use of this device.

So car manufacturers brought in another device – the airbag! This came to the scene first in the US back in the 1970s and then began to make its way across the rest of the global automobile markets including Australia, Europe, and Asia, of course, Africa got it last but it eventually got here. But nothing much has changed with airbags over the years save for the fact that it is now available to all passengers whereas it was first made for the driver.

The airbag is a nylon-like device that is blown up within milliseconds with gases to save the car occupant from hitting their head against the hard part of the vehicle in the event of a crash. But sometimes the impact of the airbags can be harmful to the user especially when the impact of the crash is less forceful.

So, car manufacturers introduced sensors that detect and gauge the level of impact before releasing the airbags. These sensors are laced around the car to sense where there are impacts and which airbags are to be deployed.

So you would usually find airbags at almost every turn in the cabin of the car for newer car models as manufacturers are becoming more and more safety conscious in their design. Some manufacturers are even set to deploy external airbags for cars very soon with a theory that external airbags reduce occupant’s injury by up to 40%. We will need to wait to find out how true that is.


Airbags used to be really basic but are now more effective by the use of sensors!

Cyclist detection systems – the present form of safety!

Cyclist detection is another feature that helps you from opening your door to cause obstruction to bikes (okadas), cyclist, and generally people that are moving at considerable speed beside your car.

This safety tech is called by different names with different auto manufacturers but widely called cyclist detection system. Car makers like Audi call it ‘Exit Warning’ while others like Hyundai call it ‘Side Exit Assist’

It simply works by sounding an alarm or even preventing the unlocking of doors when moving vehicles, cyclists, and bikes are coming by the side of your car. It will also sound a warning to the driver to check before opening the door for oncoming vehicles or cyclists.


Cyclist-detection system can save a driver and an oncoming rider from severe injuries!

For child safety – there is child detection systems

A lot of the time when children travel in the car with an adult, it is noticed that most of the safety features only adequately take care of the adult. Besides children can’t even complain sometimes as they might not yet be able to communicate.

For instance, locking a child in the car by accident has become more rampant, and safety features in the car have not been able to address this over the years.

Fortunately, car makers like Hyundai are beginning to put children safety in their design with a safety feature known as the Rear Occupant Alert. This feature reminds the driver to check the rear passenger’s seat for any passengers by leaving a message on the dashboard.

There are also sensors in the ceiling to help detect movement in the back seats after the doors have been locked to trigger an alert if there was indeed movements in the backseat to suggest that you’ve left someone behind.

These great features can even send you a text if you’re connected to the Hyundai Auto Link App if you didn’t respond to the alarm.


A fantastic child safety feature is the child detection system pioneered by Hyundai!

Final take!

These and many more that are still being developed by automakers are the safety features that can save you in any eventuality. Naijauto feels you will do well to be aware of these features and their benefits when going shopping for your next car.

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Segun Ogunbiyi

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