Honda car faults that Nigerian owners face frequently


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Honda cars are only second to Toyota in popularity in Nigeria. While most Honda cars perform well, a few common issues plague these cars. This article lists out common Honda car faults that owners in Nigeria frequently suffer from.

Honda cars in Nigeria

Honda manufactures the best and most beautiful automobiles that are attractive and good for driving. The apt and comfortable compartments such as the seats, the spacious legroom, the stereo, balance and stability while driving, are some of the things so enjoyed by Nigerian Honda users that they can’t stop talking about them. 

Honda, as we know, has been the world’s largest automobile manufacturer, as well as the world’s largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines measured by volume. Honda produces more than 14 million internal combustion engines each year. Besides the core automobile and motorcycle businesses, Honda also manufactures garden equipment, marine equipment, marine engines, personal watercraft and power generators and other products.

Honda global lineup consists of the Fit, Civic Accord, insight, CR-V, CR-Z, Legend, and the two versions of the Odyssey, one for North America, and a smaller vehicle sold internationally. Honda’s lineup varies by country, and may have vehicles that are exclusive to that region.

The users of Honda products are easily recognized as they can give you a million and one reasons why it’s either Honda or nothing else, because of the satisfaction they derive while driving her products.

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Honda Accord is one of the most popular cars in Nigeria

Common Honda car problems in Nigeria

Despite the fact that Honda is of full of lovely and irresistible packages; the brand still has its own challenges, just like its other competitors.  These issues are either in the form of electrical or mechanical defects, in most cases; some of these of course are about well the user has taken care of the car.

After much observation, we have come to realize that there are similar issues Honda users grumble about. Below are some of the regular challenges Nigerians grumbles about when it comes to Honda cars.

1. Ball joint failure

Ball joint failure is the commonest defect when it comes to Honda. As a result of this, most Nigerians find it difficult to patronize the brand, and this applies most to the Honda Accord brand. This has become a slogan for most Nigerians who say that they are not prepared for the many surprises that come with Honda products.


A faulty ball joint will leave you stranded like a fish out of water

Solution: As challenging as it seems, it can be prevented if the user takes good care of the car when symptoms are noticed. For prevention of ball joint failures, please read: Symptoms of damaged ball joints, maintenance and replacement tips.

2. Transmission failure

Transmission failure is one problem that is commonly grumbled about by those who use Honda. After travelling some miles, a lot of persons have complaints about how the transmission starts to develop problems, and in most cases, leave them stranded on the road.  Issues such as delayed gear change, surging of vehicle, grinding noise in the transmission, gear slip, etc. These issues, in most cases, usually leave the owner with no other choice than to buy a new transmission.


A bad transmission means your Honda won't engage gears- or move!

Solution: In most cases too, getting rid of some bad substances by flushing out the old transmission fluid and changing it with a fresh supply works wonders in the vehicle, more than you can ever imagine.  Please do well to read our article on: “How to detect 6 most common manual transmission problems” This might just be what you need.

3. Oil and coolant leaks

Honda cars vary from model to model. The owners of some particular brands have complained of oil and coolant leakage. The engine oil sometimes leaks at the surface, or coolants make their way into the combustion chamber as a result of a damaged head gasket.


Coolant leakage problems can lead to bigger issues, like dangerous overheating

Solution: Getting a new head gasket and removing the old one can settle and end complains from those that patronize Honda when it comes to oil and coolant leakage.

4. Failure to power window switch

Some Honda automobiles’ default power window switch causes the power windows to stop working from time to time.


Honda cars can experience faults with power windows 

Solution: Consult a car electrician to diagnose the issue. It could be a connection, wiring or plain wear and tear problem.

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Are you a Honda user and you have encountered some challenges that are not mentioned here? Please, do well to inform us by writing on the comment section, as we would love to know how you scaled through, and to share your experience.

After stating the problems or challenges Nigerian users of Honda products encounter, do not allow these issues scare you from buying one, as Honda has a lot in store for you. Please check constantly on our Cars for sale and Reviews sections for the latest Honda models and you will surely be amazed by their beauty, uniqueness, comfort and other wonderful features. 

The best way to enjoy your car is to give it your best attention by taking proper care of it; either by servicing, or by giving it a prompt repair when a symptom is noticed. It’s only negligence that leads to the many defaults in cars.

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