Tips for headlight installation and repair

By Oluwaseun Solomon
Publish on July 10, 2019

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Headlights might be a car part that does not need frequent repair and installation but, every once in a while, it does. Check here for headlight repair tips now!

Every once in a while, as you drive, you might get such feeling that something is not right with your headlight. If you know that your car is old then, you might be looking in the direction of the headlights needing replacement. But if you know your car is new, you might definitely think the headlight must be needing some kind of fix or repair. actually realizes this sort of thoughts and thinks it is necessary to dish out some tips in this article that can help any car owner or driver with headlight installations and repairs. See the tips below.

Note: You will be needing a headlight repair if you notice a burned bulb in the headlight, a dim headlight or something else along those lines.

1. Headlight repair tips

If you take extra care, there are some headlight repairs that you can get done by yourself without having to go to a mechanic. Although any repair that you see that it is becoming difficult for you, we advise you just go to a mechanic for the repair.

1.1. Cleaning Headlight lens

To properly clean the lens of your headlight, identify first whether the dirt is from the inside or outside of the headlight lens. If the dirt is from the outside, get cleaning agent that fits well for such cleaning and use it to clear it out properly. But if the dirt is on the inside, you will have to remove the lens seal to be able to clean the appropriate places and then reposition it back when you are done.

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1.2. Bulb replacement for headlight

You also do not need to be rushing to your local mechanic when your headlight blows or burns and needs replacement. If you can follow the guide inside your vehicle’s manual, the replacement is something you can get done all by yourself in no time. From the manual, you will easily see the type of headlight to buy and simple instructions on how to get the burnt one replaced.


Anyone can easily replace a headlight if he/she follows the instructions in the manual carefully

1.3. Minor headlight repairs

Any other issues like cracks or just about any little headlight repair can also be done by you even as an amateur headlight repair guy.  You can simply get a tape and use it to seal cracks or broken areas of your headlight if there are any. It can be as simple as that sometimes.

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2. Tips for installing a harness for the headlight

We also believe that if you follow the right instructions and steps like the one, we will discuss shortly below, you can get a headlight harness installed all by yourself with no extra help at all. See the steps below:

  • Before you start, make sure to confirm the type of headlight harness that is needed. One simple way we will suggest is for you to get one premade kit. These pre-made kits usually come with directions that are detailed enough. Gauge wires, 2 relays, a male and female set of connectors will be all you will require to carry out the installation.

  • Check the harness’ length after you must have confirmed that the vehicle’s engine is cool.

  • We mentioned earlier but will still like to stress again at this point that you should follow all the instructions that have been provided in the manual already. These instructions will guide you on the right way to carry out the installation of the headlight harness.

  • Overall, we will still recommend that you seek the help of a professional mechanic if you find the process ambiguous or confusing for you.

Headlight Harness Installation

3. Conclusion

We hope that now that you are informed that you can try simple headlight repair and installation all on your own. Although you should be careful of a hot engine anytime you are working around that area. And for other things like aligning the headlight, you can check some of our car maintenance tips and advice on how to do that also or just take such cases to an expert mechanic that you trust.

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