Hail damage in a car – How to fix it


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Are there currently annoying scratches and marks left by hailstorms on your car? Would you like to know how to fix this damage?

You can find marks and scratches on the surface of your car at any time anywhere after being hit by hailstorms. The roof, hood, and trunk are the areas of the car where the hail damage will be most visible. Any car expert will agree that hail damage on cars isn’t so easy to repair. Sometimes a ton of money is needed before the damages could be properly repaired. And worst of all is the fact that most times you might not be able to do the repair yourself but have no option than to take the affected vehicle to a mechanic for fixing.

However, Naijauto.com has been able to gather and share some useful resources in this article that can help you fix car hail damage on your own if the damages are slight and not severe.

1. Dry ice, Sunlight, and Hairdryer combo method

This practice is commonly used to remove dents and dings. Dents will be popped out as the increasing heat could likely expand later. Basically, you could expect this technique to work based on how long you keep the car under direct sunlight. You should be careful of rising temperature at the interior of the car. Use a plastic conditioner or leather to protect against this and if need be, use both together.


A common practice used for removing dents also works great for fixing minor hail damages

In projection with the sun rays, you can use a hairdryer to concentrate and target the heat to a particular area on the surface. This method will be very effective on a day when the heat is not so strong. Until the dents eventually come out, maintain a 2 minutes interval in projecting the dryer to an area.

Throughout the process, make sure to maintain a 2 to 4 inches gap between the surface and the lip of the dryer. And you can later use dry ice if you notice the dents are seeming to be tough than you expected them to be. As the temperature would be rising sharply, an expansion of the metal will most likely make the dents pop out.

2. Using Dent repair kits

For a smaller dent, you can use a dent repair kit and this might help a great deal. We are sure most automobile parts shops close to you would have this kit. And the kit shouldn’t cost you more than about ₦14,500 ($40). You will usually find a glue gun and knockdown tool in such a kit.

Nonetheless, don’t try using such kits for fixing deeper and larger dents. You might end up doing more harm to the vehicle that would even now require more money to fix it all at the end compared to its initial state before you applied the kit. So, study the dents and try to be sure they are slight dents and not severe or too deep before you apply the kit in fixing them.

3. Hire professional service

You should be able to fix minor car hail damages using the above steps and procedures. But in situations of severely damaged surface areas, Naijauto strongly advises you take such a vehicle to an auto body repair shop. And same advice goes for deeper and larger dents as well.

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How to remove Hailstorm dents Super Cheap

4. Conclusion

Even though car hail damage might not be that expensive sometimes in pricing, we still advise you check more than one auto body shop and compare their pricing to pick the best one. By doing this, you would not only be able to compare pricing, but you would also be able to compare their different repair packages and repair services quality which will help you make wise decisions.

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Oluwaseun Solomon

Oluwaseun Solomon

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