How to achieve optimum fuel efficiency in a Toyota Corolla


Posted by: Oluwatobi Ogunrinde

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Fuel efficiency cannot be achieved in all cars, on the other hand, Toyota Corollas are widely recognized for this. To understand how to achieve optimum fuel efficiency in a Toyota Corolla, keep reading!

Generally, Toyota vehicles are recognized for minimal fuel consumption, it's part of the reasons why they keep selling fast. If we all had our way with automobiles, we won’t have to spend money on fuel but since we don’t, it should at least be less expensive. If you use a Toyota Corolla, this article by Naijauto was solely written to help you save on your fuel expenses.

They might contradict your regular driving practice, but if managing fuel is your priority, you just have to go by the rules and here is how to boost fuel efficiency in a Toyota Corolla:

1. Check oil levels

The manufacturer manual tells you when to change your car oil – you have to remain faithful to the duration, to reduce the work of the engine and in the process, reduce fuel cost.

2. Avoid excessive acceleration

Apart from trying to conserve fuel, accelerating unnecessarily will only cause wear and tear for your tires. You’re practically not amidst a car race, just slow down.

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Toyota Corolla is among the best selling models in Nigerian used car market

3. Tune up your car engine

If your car’s ignition is non-electric, you should tune your engine 10,000 – 12, 000 miles or every year. For newer cars with electronic ignitions, after 24,000 – 100,000 miles, you may not have to tune up immediately. Tuning your engine will yield optimal performance, increase the engine power output and decrease fuel costs. You can employ the services of a specialist if you can’t do it yourself. 

4. Drive slower

Driving slow will reduce the amount of fuel you burn, try to drive a couple of miles/kilometer an hour below the maximum speed limit.


All Toyota Corolla models are specially designed to be fuel efficient.

5. Check the tire pressure

When your tires are fully inflated, they are safer for diving. Ensuring your tires have the right pressure does more than saving fuel, it minimizes emissions and your car will less likely fail at high speed.

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6. Avoid braking hard

If you drive carefully and remain conscious of stop signs, you won’t have to brake harshly most of the time. Naturally, it’s extremely dangerous and the act also utilizes double the amount of fuel.

7. Maintain consistent speed

Constant breaks and acceleration do more harm than good, consistent speed of the car helps in enhancing the fuel economy.

8. Turn off the A/C

The air conditioning is one major fuel consuming feature in every vehicle, if you can do without it, turn it off.  

Everyone knows that the more your car moves, the more fuel it consumes. So, if you’re keen on achieving optimum fuel efficiency in a Toyota Corolla, follow the above tips and minimize driving unnecessary distances. If you need more car maintenance tips, we have more helpful articles you can learn from.

We also deal in new and used Toyota Corollas, start your fuel consumption journey with us today.

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