How to distinguish fog lights & daytime running lights?


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The job of the daytime running lights might be similar to fog lights, but they are not the same. Read on to see the Basic differences between fog lights and daytime running lights!

We are all aware of the relevance of headlights while driving but thinking that they are the only lights available on a car might seem pretty absurd. If you are a Toyota owner, you should be aware of the presence of both daytime running lights and fog lights. They serve useful purpose by guaranteeing reliable and good visibility of the driver and generally safety on the road.

Many potential car buyers do not really know what distinguishes fog lights from daytime running lights. Do not feel bad yet. We have you covered here on Naijauto: The difference between fog lights and daytime running lights.

1. What are daytime running lights?

For most Toyota products, daytime lights are standard features equipped on the vehicle just like any other brand. They are growing in popularity among car manufacturers and they often stay on at times until the moment you decide to make use of your fog lights or headlights. Well, for some cars, you could get the on/off switch for these lights. Safety would surely improve when you have these lights especially visibility in conditions of lower lights.

It might look foolish to have your lights during daytime. When you find yourself in a sunny and winding road, the presence of your car on the road will be sent to the incoming vehicles through the daytime lights. These would definitely keep you safe on the road. If you can lay your hands or afford to buy higher trim versions of Toyota products, you might get LED daytime running lights which provides better visibility and stylishness at the same time.


Daytime running light is essential to put you on a safe spot while driving all through the day

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2. What are fog lights?

Fog lights seem pretty straightforward but might still intrigue you to know its distinction from the daytime running lights. You could even wonder the purpose of the fog light since the daytime lights do it job well all through the day. The answer is simple and short, which is safety.

Colour is the major distinction between the two. Fog lights are usually yellowish in colour with the ability to penetrate snow, rain, dust or fog without any form of reflection which could distract other road users. It makes your presence on the road known to the driver and also safer. When you deploy the fog light integrated into your Toyota product, it tells strongly on your safety especially in bad climatic condition.

Video: How To Use Fog Lights In A Car-Tutorial

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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