Follow these 6 steps to fix a seat belt buckle


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Most people don't ever know how to fix the seat belt buckle. Just dive in and get the answer suggested by experienced mechanics on!

It is common to see a stuck seat belt buckle in a car even though its such a big component when it comes to safety in the car. When you have a stuck seat belt, you don’t just pull at it hurriedly nor do you replace it immediately. It is actually one of such car problems that can be easily fixed by anyone with zero level expertise. This is why is bringing out this article to explain to you the most convenient way to fix a seat belt buckle. Read on.

1. How to fix a seat belt buckle – 6 easy steps

Before you dive into the seat belt buckle fixing process, here are some tools you need:

  • A screwdriver set
  • Anything flat and pointy like a butter knife (would be inserted into the buckle)

Now, the steps to follow in fixing a seat belt buckle:

Step 1: Examine the seat belt

You should first examine the surface of the seat belt buckle. Extend the belt to full length and check for anything sticky, a cut, gum or grit on the belt rather than on the buckle itself. Once you are sure the bet is clear, inspect for any deformation or if anything is stuck in the male part of the buckle. If you find anything during this examination process, just clear it out and your seat belt buckle might just get back in shape.

Once you can ascertain that everything seems clear at this step, then move on to step 2 right away.


Keep in mind these 6 steps for fixing your broken seat belt buckle

Step 2: Check the buckle’s female part

Since you must have done your thorough inspection of the male part in step 1 above and found it clear, then its very likely that the problem is from the female part of the buckle. Now, take the flat, pointy tool or butter knife you had kept aside earlier and insert it into the female part of the buckle. Doing this will clear any small obstruction that is disturbing the buckle from the female part. Now, try the buckle after doing this. It should work. But if the obstruction is big maybe like a coin or something and the buckle still doesn’t work, please proceed to step 3 below.

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Step 3: Take the buckle off

At this stage, you should take the buckle’s female part off the side of the whichever seat it is. Some buckle might require you to remove the seat while some might just need unscrewing before you can remove them. But, none of the two cases is difficult to do. Just do the appropriate thing required and get the buckle’s female part off.

Taking Care of Things - Seat Belt Buckle Fix

Step 4: Pry open the buckle’s socket

Now, having taking it off, you will notice a socket in between the edges of the buckle itself and that very socket. Once you find this socket, disassemble it by unscrewing any screws, and the using the edge of the screwdriver to pry it apart. And if it’s the case that there are no screws, just try prying it apart straight away. Do this gently because if you pry it apart hurriedly, you might lose some springs which are always present inside. These springs can easily jump out and get lost if you do not do things gently.

Step 5: Check the movement in the buckle

At this stage, you should be able to see the inside of the female part of the buckle. You should see the inside of the springs, the cam and the red push button too. So, try pushing the red button to see what exactly might have been going wrong with the cam or springs. Simply remove any obstruction you find in the springs’ way.


The female part of the seat belt buckle should be carefully pried open else the springs might jump out

It may be a coin like we mentioned earlier or just about anything. Check the button again to see if it’s now working fine. If its fine, then you should carefully try reassembling the buckle back to its normal state and then try locking it again to see if its usable now. By now, it should be fine and if it’s still not, then proceed to step 6 below.

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Step 6: If all else fails to work, please replace

Did you follow all the steps correctly and did things properly from step 1 to 5? If yes, but the springs or the cams still won’t move when you push the button, then it might be the case that the buckle is damaged and needs replacement, sorry. If you like, you can still have an expert help you check the seat belt buckle and probably repair it if possible. But just have it in mind that there is a greater chance that a replacement is the only option.


If all the first 5 steps don't work, it's time for you to replace the seat belt buckle

2. Conclusion

There you go. We hope your seat belt buckle is actually being disturbed by an easy to fix problem and not completely damaged. But in any case, the buckle isn’t that expensive. And you can get it from any local auto parts shop near you. Nevertheless, try our step by step fix first before you conclude. Goodluck!

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