Time to change air filter, cabin filter and all other filters in your car


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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The primary function of every filter in your car is different and unique to the part it plays the role. Click here for more info on the time you should change all filters in your car!

One step in becoming the most effective car owner is not primarily buying the best car nor upgrading all components in your car but understanding how the components in your car work, their lifespan and maintenance. That doesn’t mean it is solely your responsibility as a car owner to always fix these components all by yourself. When you approach your auto mechanic with a well-informed mind, he simply finds it hard to rip you off especially of any unnecessary repair or inflated price of some components that you might need to replace. Here on Naijauto, is what you should know about the air filter, cabin filter and all other filters in your car and proper time to change them.

1. Oil filter

The job of an oil filter is simply straightforward just as its name indicates. It filters the oil by removing all the impurities from the engine oil. If any form of hard substance gain access into the oil stream, they can rub off against vital components and cause serious havoc by wearing them out quickly. Generally speaking, defective oil filter can affect the engine performance and cause you financial headache in fixing it.


When the oil filter is clogged, if not changed on time, it might lead to engine failure

It is important you change the oil filter during every major oil change. When you leave the importance of fuel in running an engine, oil seems to take over the position as the most vital fluid in the engine. Deciding to ignore the needed replacement will lead to clog and other damages.

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2. Air filter

The job of air filter just like the oil filter is preventing the entrance of harmful dirt, debris and other contaminants into the engine. This means it allows clean air to gain access to the engine. The air filter also clears the path for where the fluid or fuel gets into the engine. A problem with this filter can ultimately lead to engine damage. The recommended time for changing this filter is after every 15,000 miles (~24,140 km). Another indication that it needs to be replaced is when it is difficult to see through when placed up to any form of light.

3. Cabin filter

Cabin air filter helps in removing harmful particles such as pollen, dust, bacteria and mold from the air, hereby improving your car ventilation. This indicates the importance of this cabin filter to the performance of the car air conditioning system and heater. When you fail to change the cabin air filter, it becomes clogged or blocked with dirt and debris which consequently affect the efficiency of the filter and the HVAC system of the vehicle. It will drastically reduce the air volume that is needed in the inner cabin. That is why you discover you often have foul odour in your car. The cabin air filter should also be changed every 15,000 miles or possibly when you start noticing the growth of mildew or mold on it. The good news is, it is quite cheap to replace.

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How to Change the Cabin Air Filter for Your Car - AutoZone How to Videos

4. Fuel filter

The role of the fuel filter in a car engine is to filter out any residue or small particles that could impair the car engine during combustion. This filter can be located in most cars, on a line that carries fuel to the engine. Though an average changing time for this fuel filter is after 50,000 miles (~80,500 km), but if you constantly fill your car with low quality fuel or allow the needle to access to the empty level, you might be forced to be changing your fuel filter more often.

Remember that if you do not possess the much needed technical skill for these replacements, it is strongly advisable you locate an auto mechanic to help you with the replacement without causing more severe damages.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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