Basic facts about car batteries every driver should know


Posted by: Juliet Onyeachonam

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As a car owner and driver, there are some important facts about car batteries you should know, including the type of car battery in your car and how it works to power your car. Click here to read

As time went by over the years, cars are becoming much easier to acquire by just anyone. At the moment, there are over 1.2 billion cars currently being driven across the globe. Also, there are now newer and even better models of cars in the global market than there were a decade ago, thanks to the consistent efforts of car makers the world over.

However, in this article by, we are going to be discussing facts about a very important component of almost every car, without which the car will most certainly not move, the car battery.

Although this is not supposed to be so but for most drivers, the car battery is a no-attention-getter until the very moment their car refuses to start or stops them unexpectedly. A car battery is almost as important as the car itself because for a car to operate and perform its day to day functions, the car battery must be up and running.

One of the facts about car batteries is that under normal circumstances of use and maintenance, a car will only have its battery replaced a couple of times throughout its life time.


There are two types of car batteries out there – lead-acid batteries and high-tech absorbed glass mat (AGM)

However, when a good maintenance culture is not adopted as a car owner, you might find yourself always buying new batteries for your car.

It is also important for you as a car owner to buy only the best type of batteries in the market to avoid the waste of time and money of getting new batteries every now and then.

Although car batteries would normally wear down on account of numerous discharging and subsequent charging, it is also important that you know these very crucial things and facts about car batteries for the next time you might need to replace your car battery.

How many types of car batteries are there?

There are two types of car batteries out there

  • Lead-acid batteries
  • Absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries.

The lead-acid batteries commonly known as acid batteries are more common in cars.

The power source for the lead-acid type of batteries comes from the water in its electrolyte solution which is found inside the battery. This type of battery are more commonly used because they are both pocket-friendly and easier to maintain.

However, owners of cars with this type of battery will often need to refill this electrolyte water for the battery to perform as expected. Also, the lead-acid batteries cannot hold charge for far too long and will need to be recharged from time to time.

Advancement in technology brought about the development of the AGM type of car batteries. However, these days, the AGM batteries have become quite popular in cars owing to their impressive features. This type of car batteries are more durable than the lead-acid batteries irrespective of the fact they are more frequently recharged.

Some impressive features of the AGM car batteries include speedy charge, when compared to the lead-acid batteries, AGM batteries can charge five times faster. Also depth-of-discharge for AGM batteries is about 80% in contrast to 50% depth-of-discharge in lead acid batteries.

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Always have a backup plan for your car battery

Given that there is no telling when your car battery might fail, it is important that you have a backup plan for this in case the unexpected happens at any time.

The feasible thing to do is not to buy and carry a spare car battery in your boot in case of a failed battery, no. It is recommended that you buy and keep a car battery charger handy in your vehicle.


Always have a car battery charger handy to avoid unexpected battery failure

Having a car battery charger handy in your vehicle will help you avoid stress and any other inconvenience that could arise a s a result of an unexpectedly failed car battery.

One very important thing you should know before buying a car  battery charger is that a good battery charger is one that can generate between 10 - 20 amps and its voltage should be between 6 - 24 volts.

Additionally, another important thing to know about your car battery charger is that it should be able to diagnose your car battery hassle free. More specifically, a good car battery charger should detect whether or not the car battery is rightly connected and also be able to determine the charge of the cell and also the general condition of your car battery.

Now that you have known these basic facts about car batteries, I recommend that you also read these 10 tips in buying car battery in Nigeria to help you buy the right replacement for your car battery.

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