5 key factors to choose the best auto repair shop


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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Using a standard car service center saves you the troubles that come with patronizing just any mechanic. Check out factors to consider before choosing one!

Every car owner is a regular at the mechanic workshop. If you do not take your car there yourself, you must have someone who does it for you. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain, your car needs the attention of an expert to fix rising problems from time to time.

Taking your vehicle to a new mechanic every time is not a very good idea. Besides the extra cost you have to incur whenever you engage someone new, the condition of your car might be compromised. Just as families have a particular hospital they visit for their health needs, it is recommended that car owners have that one go-to service center for their car needs. The reason isn’t farfetched. Having worked on your car over a period of time, a designated service center has your car repair records and understands the system. Instead of starting from scratch to make diagnosis, they are able to proffer solutions better and faster.

The onus lies on you to identify a competent and reliable service center that you can entrust your car. Naijauto has put together key factors how to choose an auto repair shop.

1. Proximity

The service center is a place you might be visiting more often than you expect. As much as you do not want your car to have issues, you might be dealing with them regularly. Having your mechanic close to either your house or workplace makes it easier for you to seek repairs. After dropping off your car, you can either get a lift home or hitch a ride at an affordable cost. And if the mechanic needs your attention, you can easily get down there. It becomes very tasking if you have to travel a long distance.


You can always check on the progress of your car repair when the center is close to you

If you live in Lagos, you would be stressing yourself a great deal by using a service center on the Island if you stay on the Mainland.

Ask your neighbors and coworkers where they fix their car. You might be lucky to find a good place close by.

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2. Working hours

Cars do not have specific times of breaking down. When you least expect it, you are faced with an unresponsive vehicle. You do not want to be stranded just because the service center is not open for work.

Make sure that they work beyond the standard working hours. If they are only open between 9am and 5pm, you may not be able to make out time from work to drop or pick up your car. Additional hours will give you more time to come around.

You do not need a service center that is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. These are the major free days in Nigeria, and are good for car repair errands. Some service centers are open between specific hours even on Sundays just to satisfy their customers.

3. Availability of rental cars

Some car repairs last longer than anticipated. After dropping off your car on Friday, you might be looking forward to picking it, latest, by Sunday. But that does not get to happen. How do you move around for the week? You begin to look for neighbors to give you a ride to work. This can be inconveniencing.

Jumping commercial buses can be awkward for someone who is used to driving their own car. Having an available car for rent saves both you and the person you want to tag along with the inconvenience. If your service center offers such services, you do not have to worry about mobility pending when your car is ready.

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4. Availability of towing services

This factor might seem irrelevant until your car breaks down in an unfamiliar environment, and there is no mechanic in sight to come to your rescue. You have to go through the tedious process of making arrangements for a towing vehicle.


Towing your car by yourself is stressful and costly

Let your service center do the job of towing your car when the need arises. There is a certain relieve that comes with knowing that a towing service is readily available when you need it. You simply put a call across to the center, and they will take it up from there. It also helps to know that you are dealing with people you are familiar with. There is no cause for alarm.

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5. Wide range of services

If you are going to be taking your car to one particular center whenever it develops problems, you need to be sure that they are not only competent, but offer all the services you may need. If they will need to fix one issue and take your car to another location for more repairs, the idea of having a go-to center is defeated.

A good service center is equipped with several skilled personnel specialized in different areas. They all bring their expertise to the table in ensuring that a client’s car is properly fixed. 

There are several mechanics parading themselves as experts. But many of them are far from it. You are better of using a service center with certified mechanics and an organizational structure that prioritizes customer service and satisfaction.

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