Essential maintenance milestones for new car owners


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Car preventative inspection and maintenance is part of the ownership experience, but digging into a 500-page manual might be a daunting task for new car owners. Naijauto is here to help!

Car preventative inspection and maintenance is part of the ownership experience. But digging into a 500-page manual might be a daunting task for new car owners. The good news is that, instruction for scheduling car maintenance is much thinner. Although the document contains just some pages, it includes almost every important information that could help you understand the maintenance briefly. Additionally, it will support you to arrange and build your own instructions in maintaining your engine. 

In case that is not clear enough for you, Naijauto is here to help. We have gathered the most important milestone to schedule a maintenance. We will walk you through and give you the explanation as clear as possible.

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Maintenance schedule helps you organize your car lifetime

Milestone #1: First 1,000 km

In the past, it is the most exciting moment when you reached the first 1000 km. Nowadays, thanks for such an improvement of automotive technologies, plus many car accessories such as lubricants, new models now are better and stronger than ever. Over the recent years, many models don’t need to do 1000-km check-up anymore which lessen the burden of car maintenance. For those who still care for a 1000 km check-up, few inspections are needed, simply some quick checkup on some of the most basic components such as fuel leaking, the brake system, the HVAC system. People had less to do that they even check the floor mat to see if it was in the right position to ensure there wouldn’t be any unnecessary accidents. Other possible items to touch on include checking, replacing or refilling engine oil, windshield fluid, coolant fluid, etc.

That is relatively true. Because, car efficiency and health depend on so many factors such as weather conditions, driver’s usage. Potential problems can start anytime even in this milestone. To detect those kinds of flaws, it requires more than just some basic tasks as usual. You would still better watch out carefully for your car. Inform your dealers right away if there is any sign of problems even with the smallest one.

Milestone #2: 5,000 km

This is when you will start seriously taking care of your car. Good news is that at this moment, drivers should be all familiar with the way car works. You would know better about car’s components and what are the essential tasks to do on a checkup. In this milestone, some of the models will ask for an oil filter change as well as fluid leaking checks. While for so many other makes and models, owners just reach another first 1000 km milestone which means there is still nothing really important to do for their new car. If the car has been running under normal conditions, an oil change is properly not necessary.

Check for the engine oil, the fluid and the tires at this milestone

That is true in the past. But now, with the current traffic conditions, especially in big cities such as Metro Manila, in which there are more idling sessions, frequent stop and prolonged travel time, the term of “normal conditions” is hardly considered as an original term of the manufacturers. In this case, doing a cursory car checkup would still be a great option. Engine oil, fluid, and tires checkup are the most required on the list.

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Milestone #3: 10,000 km

If you have gone this far and haven’t do any of serious checkups, this is the time to do that. According to the manufacturers’ recommendations, it is mandatory to change the engine oil in this milestone. You should have a fair amount of knowledge about car’s maintenance materials by now. If so, please do not apply any of cheap and low – quality oil for your engine. Following the manual recommendation is the best and most basic option for you. If the budget allows, invest in some premium quality engine oil to reinforce the performance and it could save you some many in the long term as well. Lubricants are also required. As the previous one, you must choose good quality and appropriate materials at the same time.

Car parts maintenance

It is advisable to complete all the items in check-up list at this milestone

The brake system is the next area to pay attention. Things like brake pads shoes, drive boots, axle joints and parking brake are on the top of the checkup-list. If you are driving a manual transmission car, check for the clutch operation. In addition, the list also includes steering and suspension system checkup.

You can see that up until this point, what we mentioned above are just ones of the most basic maintenance steps. There is barely not a serious problem to care about. Therefore, the expenses for maintaining in this milestone is quite reasonable and affordable. We recommend not to ignore this time in your car’s lifecycle. If you spend enough effort this time, it will be easier for you when the car reaches 20000 km. Because that is the time when serious problems come. You can notice many things that are not as in original conditions then. As a consequence, it will add more many things to the regular list than in this milestone.

Remember to refer to the manufacturer’s manual for any questions. Since each make and model has its own specific maintenance steps, reach to the schedule booklet to gain more information and knowledge to ensure you are doing the right tasks and not to waste any effort.


Keep in mind that, each car model is designed in a specific way. Pay attention to its individual traits and do some researches to well understand the way it works and how you should maintain. Above are just the most common and basic milestone in the lifetime of a car. We hope you find this article is helpful and short enough to remember.

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