All you need to know about ESP light and resetting it in Mercedes Benz


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If you own a Mercedes Benz, you cannot overrule the possibility of experiencing issue with the ESP light. Take a quick look on how you can easily reset it!

This information is all for Mercedes Benz owners in Nigeria. Regardless of the type or model of Benz you are driving, there is high possibility you could experience this “ESP Malfunction Fault- visit workshop” warning and the situation whereby the light of the ESP keeps flashing or stays on in your car.

If the ESP light is constantly staying on, it is possible that you accidently hit the ESP button on the dashboard. First, try to press the ESP switch, hold it down for three seconds and check if the ESP light on the instrument cluster turns off.

When you turn off the ESP light through its switch, it might have little or no impact on the light or the light keeps flashing despite pressing the switch button, it indicates a problem with the Mercedes Benz ESP system. So, how do you think you can diagnose this problem? Here on Naijauto, we will take you on a trip on how you can easily reset popular ESP light issues in your Mercedes Benz.

1. ESP light- Meaning and working principle

The acronym “ESP” stands for Electronic Stability Program. Its primary responsibility is to assist drivers coordinate their vehicles during extreme steering maneuver by directing and maintaining the vehicle towards the intended direction. It usually doesn’t interfere until it senses possible loss of road traction. When the ESP performs its duty, there would be brief flash of light indicated on the instrument cluster on the dashboard for ESP light. We will further give you a simplified tutorial on how the ESP works in the video below.

What is: Electronic Stability Program (ESP) | Mercedes-Benz Canada

When there is an engagement in the ESP, the pressure in the brake might be executed on each wheel to prevent the vehicle from sliding off the road. This is why it is often recommended to drive safely and keep in mind the speed limit. ESP doesn’t increase traction or outwit the physics law. Aside the ESP in Mercedes, car brands such as Toyota, Audi, BMW, Lexus and other popular automakers have different names for similar job function such as Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Vehicle Stability Enhancement.

2. Reasons for ESP light warning and malfunctions

This warning sign or malfunction in Mercedes Benz ESP light could happen as a result of several failed components. It is better to stop assuming what could have caused and get yourself a diagnostic scanner to read and understand the ESP fault code. The good news here is you can get an affordable solution to your ESP problem. It will help you identify the problem you might be encountering easily. Check out the 05 causes of ESP light staying on in your car.

  • Brake light switch

The location of the brake light switch is above the brake pedal. They have the reputation for frequent failure. The only consolation here is that they are not costly and can easily be replaced within few minutes. Looks like this shouldn’t be a major problem for your Mercedes Benz model.


Regardless of extremities in driving conditions, the ESP technology keeps the vehicle balanced on the road

  • ABS wheel sensor

There is also a possibility that this ABC wheel sensor could fail and keeps the ESP light in your Mercedes Benz on for as long as possible. You can also easily replace the ABS sensor. There is a chance you still notice that the ESP light is on even after you have replaced the ABS wheel sensor. Relax a bit, we will later in this article highlight the ways you can quickly reset the light.

  • Low battery voltage

If the battery in your car is old and is unable to supply the required voltage, it could lead to ESP light malfunction. This could also lead to other issues such as ABS and ETS warnings. Sometimes you might not know since the battery is powering the engine but when you decide to take it for a drive, it fails to supply the much needed voltage. If the battery is too old or due for replacement, you need to quickly get another good battery to avoid this problem. You will also need to reset the ESP after battery replacement.

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For good traction and road stability, get your ESP light problem fixed as soon as possible

  • ABS module

There is always bulk of load on the ABS module anytime you engage the ESP. it keeps the wheels stable on the road while braking them. When it stops working, it’s definitely not the type of problem you would want to procrastinate on. Though quite expensive but you need to get a replacement if the current ABS module couldn’t be fixed.

  • Steering angle sensor

The steering angle sensor is usually found right behind the steering wheel within the steering column. Its primary function is to calculate the steering wheel angle, which is translated to the car on whether you are going straight or making turns. However, the ESP control module makes use of the input from the steering angle sensor. It is a rare scenario for this sensor to fail but might sometimes need calibration. It is mostly advisable you take your car to a Mercedes Benz expert close to you to scan and fix it for you in no time.

Note: when you attempt to remove the negative battery terminal in order to erase the ESP light, it would not work. Also, disconnecting the battery might work for resetting the check engine light but not for clearing hard codes such as ETS, 4ABS and ESP.


There is a problem with your car when the ESP light keeps flashing or illuminating while driving on the dash

3. How to reset Mercedes Benz ESP light

In a bid to further inspect and understanding the warning signs and issues with the ESP light, you need to lay your hands on OBD-II Scanner (advanced) that will easily read the ESP codes. If you do not want to go through this stress, you might take your car to a service center where the dealer or expert will help you scan your car with Mercedes Benz Star diagnostic. You can also get an auto-mechanic close to you who has Autel DS708.

How to reset the esp light on a mercedes benz

Actually, doing it by yourself might not be totally difficult as you thought. All you just need to do is to get a scanner such as Launch Creator or iCarsoft MB II, which are not that expensive. Jus know that the cost of these scanners is similar to getting your Mercedes Benz diagnosed for just a single time.

Check out the identiifed Mercedes Benz ESP fault codes and what they mean in the model you own:

Mercedes Benz ESP fault codes
C1011 ASR/ETS/ESP Circuit Open or Shorted
C1025 CAN Communication BAS communication with ESP control unit faulty
C1200 Stop Light Switch Open/Shorted/Implausible <— when faulty ESP/BAS light is on
P1221 CAN signal from ASR/EGS/ESP
P2027 – [1] CAN message from control module N47-5 (ESP, SPS and BAS control module) ,: CAN signal faulty
P2027 – [2] CAN message from control module N47-5 (ESP, SPS and BAS control module) ,: CAN signal faulty
P2027 – [32] CAN message from control module N47-5 (ESP, SPS and BAS control module) ,: CAN signal faulty ( Stop lamp switch )
P2027 – [4] CAN message from control module N47-5 (ESP, SPS and BAS control module) ,: CAN signal faulty ( Torque )
P2027 – [64] CAN message from control module N47-5 (ESP, SPS and BAS control module) ,: CAN signal faulty ( Stop lamp switch )
P2027 – [8] CAN message from control module N47-5 (ESP, SPS and BAS control module) ,: CAN signal faulty
P2027 P0600 [16] CAN message from control module N47-5 (ESP, SPS and BAS control module) ,: CAN signal interruption [P0600]
P2027-001 CAN BUS signal from N47-5 (ESP,PML and BAS controller) controller,CAN BUS signal error
P2027-002 CAN BUS signal from N47-5 (ESP,PML and BAS controller) controller,CAN BUS signal error
P202B-001 CAN BUS signal from ESP controller,speed signal error [P0500]
P202B-002 CAN BUS signal from ESP controller,speed signal error
P202B-004 CAN BUS signal from ESP controller,speed signal error
P202B-008 CAN BUS signal from ESP controller,speed signal error
P202B-016 CAN BUS signal from ESP controller,speed signal error
P2036 No or incorrect CAN message from control unit N47-5 (ESP control module)(P0600)
P2036 no signal or error signal from N47-5 (ESP controller) controller BUS (P0600)
P203F – [4] : Monitoring: CAN fault ( ESP , ETC , EIS )
P203F-004 CAN BUS error (ESP,EGS,EIS)
P2044 large external interference from ESP.Cannot receive all CAN information.

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With your scanner, you can give yourself exciting driving experience without ESP light issue

4. Conclusion

These ESP light problems shouldn’t be much of a big deal to you if you take the proper channel as we have highlighted above on how to get it fixed. We have also identified a video for your view on how you can easily reset these ESP error codes in your Mercedes Benz.

We hope by now you know about ESP light and how to reset it in Mercedes Benz.

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