Effects of letting your engine idle when the car is stationary


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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Many car owners are in the habit of idling their cars before hitting the road. But have you considered its effect on you or even the car?

For ages, folks have been told to allow their cars idle and warm-up before driving out. So it's no surprise many car owners go through this process every day. Most times, they even leave the engine to run while waiting for a colleague or friend to join them in the car.

Car idling might appear to be a harmless convenience but it's bad for your health, your wallet and the environment. The environmental protection agency states engine idling causes global warming and has been linked to asthma, cardiac disease, decreased lung function and cancer.


Many people still let their car idle before hitting the road

Yeah, allowing the car to idle for even one minute releases more carbon monoxide than a smoker who smokes three packs of cigarettes.

Naijauto sees no good reason to run the engine when the car isn't moving.

Here, let's look at the main effects of allowing your engine to idle when the car isn't moving.

  • Engine idling wastes fuel, which in turn, wastes your money.
  • It damages the engine parts like cylinder, piston rings, sparkplugs. You sure know how that of the spark plugs increases the fuel consumption of your car by 5%.
  • It's a contributor to air and noise pollution.                                


Engine idling contributes to air pollution, which is detrimental to people's health

Many European countries are moving away from fuel/diesel-powered engines and tilting towards electric cars as a way to improve air pollution. The automobile industry isn't left out too in the evolution.

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These days, modern cars now come with a stop/start technology which helps to cut the engine while the car is stationary. An instance is when you are in traffic. And this saves fuel.

Another way to reduce engine idling is by not using a remote starter. Also, cut your engine anytime you know you will be sitting in the car to wait for a long period of time.

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Jane Osuagwu

Jane Osuagwu

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