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The car owner’s manual bears information on car features and their basic maintenance. This manual is available online for every car model. Check the list of website to download those manuals for free!

A car owners manual often comes with every car and offers information on each of the car features and their basic maintenance routine. The service or the repair manual in likewise manner comes with the vehicle as well but this time, it provides information regarding the technical aspects, repair instructions and do- it- yourself (DIY) guidelines.

While it may not seem exciting or interesting to read, they are packed with important information, instructions and most especially warnings. To help you out some car manufacturer’s post owner’s manual in their websites online making it possible for you to access them in a pdf format.

How can you access a car owner’s manual online?

If you are searching for a means of getting hold of the owner’s manual online, there are a couple of options available to you such as:

1. Go through the manufacturers website

This is virtually the first place to go in search of your car owner’s manual. You might not need to register as some automobile manufacturers do not request login information to access the manuals. All you are required to do is to search your model.

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The owner's manual is often available online and packed with helpful information of your car features

2. Use third-party websites

This includes websites with a collection of databases of owner’s manuals some of which may only be available when you register on the website. Examples of such websites includes "Just give me the danmed manual" and "Library of motoring". Click on the link and you will be forwarded to their website address.

3. Check these websites to download car manual for free

If none of the options above proved helpful to you, you should go ahead to Google and search for your model of car followed by the search term, ‘owner’s manual’.

And by doing so, we can find here the links for some factory service manuals with repair instructions.

  • My Acura (here you register to download the manual)
  • Ford Owner Home (contains owner’s manual, scheduled maintenances and even warranty guides)
  • BMW USA (you should follow the ‘owners’ tab which will lead you to the ‘owners manual’ tab)
  • General Motors Owner Information (you can scroll down the page to get the owner’s manual for Chevrolet, Hummer, Cadillac, Saturn, Pontiac, GMC etc)
  • Honda owners (this is manual for Honda cars. It also provides information on Bluetooth pairing, retrieving radio codes and video guides)
  • Toyota owners (includes owner’s manuals for Toyota, maintenance guides and warranty)
  • Subaru of America (information on the vehicle resources)
  • Mazda owners (contains manuals and other resources)
  • Hyundai Resources (sources for manuals and warranties)
  • Infinity Owner Portal (go to the ‘owners resources tab’, then click on manuals and guides)
  • Porsche (manual for 2011 to current models)
  • Mercedes-Benz (doesn’t require a login to access owner’s manuals from 2000 to current models)


The manual are also available in hard copy and will be given if the car is bought brand new

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What are the things you can find in an owner’s manual?

A car manual contains various kinds of information that, sometimes, may overwhelm readers. That's why, the very first thing to do when checking the manual is to locate its table of content. Below are common sections included in a car manual so you know what to look out for!

  1. How to use driver’s assistant and car safety features like blind spot monitor, automatic braking system, lane departure warning etc.
  2. How to change the vehicle’s wipers, front and rear bulbs.
  3. How to jump- start a car with a dead battery or a car that has not been driven for long.
  4. How to check the car engine oil and how to top up other car fluids like the windshield washer fluid.
  5. Vehicle specifications: the type and amount of engine oil your car requires and the type of transmission fluid it needs
  6. The meaning of different signals such as the significance of warning lights on the dashboard.
  7. The use of the vehicle’s airbag and how to secure a child seat.
  8. Steps to take to reset the maintenance reminder. Other maintenance procedures and schedules. They are either published in a separate document or posted online.


Guides on DIY repairs are also included in the owner's manual

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It is however possible that you may not find what you are looking for with any of the above mentioned alternatives. This happens in a case where there is no digital version of your own vehicle owner’s manual. In such a case, your search to other options like Helm Inc. and Ebay even though they are not free.

Finally, even when you have searched through the car manual several times but you can't find the answer to your car problem, refer to expert analysis and useful tips on Naijauto Tips & Advice.

Okenwa Emeka
Okenwa Emeka

Okenwa Emeka


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