Does running the A/C system increase your car’s fuel consumption?


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Fuel economy is always the top concern of car users because fuel price is going up every day. Choosing a fuel-efficient vehicle is not the only solution to this problem. In fact, your driving style and how you use your car has a great impact on the amount of fuel consumption.

Have you ever questioned that running the air conditioning system (A/C system) increases your car’s fuel consumption or not?

This is a huge question for most of all car owners even when they all have been so familiar with the air-conditioning system of their cars.

car air conditioning system

Does running the air conditioning system (A/C system) increases your car’s fuel consumption?

Now, would like to give you the exact answer for this: Yes, it does!

According to some research, running the A/C system will increase the fuel consumption of the car by 5-10%.


Keep reading to know the reasons!

To operate the compressor, the A/c system needs power which is delivered from the crankshaft. And the crankshaft is started by burning fuel. This means the process can’t be completed if there is no fuel in your car. So, turning the A/C is burning fuel, which means spending money!

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Does Running A/C Use More Gas?

You can have seen some car manuals that suggest using A/C system on the expressway because it decreases aerodynamic drag.

If you desire to save every fuel’s drop, follow these things:

  • Shut down A/C
  • Open sunroof
  • Up windows

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