If you do car parts inspection, always include those 6s

By Jane Osuagwu
Publish on December 14, 2018

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Have you know about these 6 parts that should always be looked at when you do car parts inspection?

A car, irrespective of its state-new or tokunbo, is a significant investment. You get to provide the necessary care to the car so that it can give you maximum comfort and utility. One of such care is car parts inspection. Doing a regular inspection of your car parts is one of the best ways to maintain safety while getting behind the wheel, keeping accidents miles away.

Checking your car parts isn't done in any specific day, however, a car must have to be driven for a significant time before the parts will be inspected. Car parts inspection must be done, not only for your safety but to prolong your car's lifespan. Following are the important 6s that need a regular inspection and extra attention if you plan to do car parts inspection.

If you do car parts inspection, always include those 6s

1. Tyres

Most car owners tend to ignore this aspect of their car, as they allow their car tire change to extend to 6 years. Tyres should be changed regularly. The tread of the tire is not to be ignored while you are inspecting the tyre. A simple coin test can help you out with the tread. Do check the tyre pressure too, to see if it's Ok. With a tire pressure gauge, you can keep track of the tire pressure. Also, the right pressure should be checked with your car manufacturer.

A yellow car

A car tire might stand the driving of 6 years but still need regular checks

2. Brakes

Surely, you know where a brake failure or malfunction will lead to. A car driver has no reason to wait for when the brakes start to act funny before going for a check. A brake is also part of the car parts inspection. When you hear a screeching sound from the brakes, don’t wait for the brake pad to wear out entirely before you have a car expert check it out.

a foot on the gas pedal

A screeching sound urges you to do a check on the brakes

3. Oil

The oil sees to the smooth performance of all the other car parts. The oil needs to be at the right level for the car to work right. The oil of modernized cars is required to be changed every 5000-1000 miles. It depends on the car model (Owner’s manual is recommended). As time goes by, the oil will become contaminated with dirt, less viscous and then unable to lubricate the engine because it has become too thin. Do inspect your oil based on the distance your car model prescribed and have it changed. You can do it yourself or have an expert do it.

pouring the oil to the engine

Consult your manual for a perfect timing of each oil change

4. Air filter

A clogged air filter increases the fuel consumption of the car. And not only that, it decreases the horsepower which will then affect the car's performance. It’s capable of preventing the smooth running of the engine. Do have it looked at when you do car parts inspection. It isn't expensive, not even the checkup and replacement.

The air filter of a car

With a clogged air filter, your engine has to work harder to deliver power to other parts of the systems

5. Transmission fluid

The transmission control is responsible for the vehicle's movement and the engine performance. Inspect the transmission fluid to know if it's at its proper level and not leaking too. It should be changed regularly so the gear shift can perform smoothly.

6. Power steering fluid

Any driver who has driven his car without a power steering fluid probably knows its value. The steering fluid sees to the balanced and smooth running of the power steering. When the steering fluid is lacking, the steering wheel can fail. And you don’t want your steering wheel to fail, do you? It should be part of your car parts inspection and have your mechanic check it next time you go for service.

Addfing the power steering fluid

The power steering fluid is the crux to confortable driving experience. Don't forget to give it regular check

To ensure your car is always in a good working condition, you can check out other car maintenance tips that we have taken time to talk about here on Naijauto.com.

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Jane Osuagwu

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