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You should be aware of some of the things to consider before DIY repairs. have put together some very vital points here in this article.

You should be aware of some of the things to consider before DIY repairs. have put together some very vital points here in this article.

1. Do you really know how to do it?

This is the first thing to be considered before doing a DIY on your car. If you are up for the challenge and you feel like you can have it done if guided properly, you can go online and read about what you want to do or watch videos on YouTube about what particular DIY you want to do. Now you have an idea how much time it would take, the tools you will be needed, if you have enough space and the risk involved. If you have check these then you know if it’s a DIY worth trying or take the car to an auto-mechanic workshop.

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2. Necessary tools

You should check to ensure you have the necessary tools needed for the job. There are simple tools for simple DIY that every car owner should have. But when you have to lose some bolts specific to certain car brands you may then need more advanced tools. Most car brands have specific tools for their parts hence the reason some mechanics are streamlined to certain brands-their specialization is based on what parts and tools they are acquainted with.

Another thing you should consider is, if you decide to get the tools, will it be less expensive than taking the car to the auto-mechanic workshop to have the problem fixed. On the bright side, if you do get the tools, they are yours and you can use them anytime later if a similar problem occurs.


You need basic tools to do every kind of car repair

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3. Time

This is one very important thing to consider before delving into a DIY car repair. You should check your schedule and the magnitude of the repair you want to fix. Also, you should consider the time you would spend when you could have been doing some other things in relation to when you take the car to an automobile mechanic shop.

4. Space

Is the DY repair one that requires space and do you have the space needed for the repair? If you do not own a property, you may want to consider limiting your DIYs to little faults that can be fixed with handy tools as you don’t want to be having issues spilling fluids and having tools scattered about that may be harmful especially if there are kids around.

5. The risks

Safety a very important consideration when carrying out a DIY. The chances of you getting hurt or hurting anyone else should be weighed first before you begin the exercise. Sometimes some of the videos and articles may not really emphasize enough the level of damage that can be done if anything goes wrong. Do you have to go under the car? It could drop on you if there is an issue with the jerk. You could slip and fall from oil spillage during a repair

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Car Fender repair rust & paint at home DIY

So if you are really going to do a DIY you need to weigh your options and do an analysis on the possible risk involved. This will help you draw a conclusion as to what repairs are to left for an auto-mechanic.

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Okenwa Emeka

Okenwa Emeka


Okenwa Emeka is a prolific writer who combines his content creation skills with a strong passion for automobiles to make engaging articles for Naija car lovers. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing CAM with a diploma in digital marketing. 

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