DIY car maintenance could save you much


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Sigificantly save the maintenance cost and keep your car last longer by simple DIY maintenance.

As a car user, you may have known how costly it takes for a major repair. Going into details of the repairing, you may find out that there are some maintenance activities you can do by yourself for your car without help from a mechanic. If you do that small care for the car many times and frequently, you will be surprised at how DIY car maintenance can save you hundreds of dollars. Let’s explore things you could do on your own for your car maintenance and keep your wallet safe from spending money below:

Fluid check

Check this fluid list for your car: engine oil, coolant, fluid for the wipers, fluid for brake and power steering fluid. Make sure they are at a proper level before they appear on the dashboard in the exhausted mood, and you could easily control your unnecessary repair bills.


Check your car oil to make sure it is at proper level

Manual study

It is not a must for you to know everything about your car to save the repair and maintenance money, but by a little concentration to the manual to grasp the mechanism and common car problems and simple solution, you could confidently fix it yourself. Or at least the time you spend for reading the manual is worthier than the time that you have to spend to take the car to the car repair shop in the ‘blind mood’ and totally lean on what the mechanic advise. Like the ‘wiki’ of your car, the manual knows what your car needs and when it is required to do the fixing or maintenance.e.

Oil change

Engine oil is absolutely needed to be changed on a regular basis. But how often? There are more than one guidelines on when to change the oil, based on how many miles the car has reached or on the condition of the car. Whom to trust? Which is the right one? Grab your car manual and follow exactly what it advises. Why? They made the car then they understand it the most. And don’t forget to use the oil recommended by the manufacturer, to prevent the grinding among metal surfaces in the engine

Oil level gauge

Change the car oil as instructed by the manufacturer

Stop idling

By stop idling, you are saving a quarter to a half-gallon of fuel per hour. It takes you only 10 seconds to restart your vehicle. So, as advised by traffic signs, if you are stopped for more than 10 seconds, turn your engine off.

Tires care

Take good care of the very special parts of the car: tires, which plays an important role in the maneuverability as well as the smooth operation of the car. Firstly, make sure that your tires have got proper pressure, not under-inflated or over-inflated. Just by doing that, you can improve your gas mileage by 3.3%. Secondly, it is advisable to check your tires frequently if there is cracks, wear or holes on those tires. It is also recommended by experts that you should have your tire pressure checked 02 times/month with a tire gauge, because tires often lose some pounds of pressure every month. You may say that you already have the tire pressure monitoring system, but the time this system gives out alert signals, the tires already lost too much pound, and the mileage of fuel has already been down.

A woman checking the tire pressure

Make sure the tires are at proper pressure

Car cleaning

Car cleaning takes you very little time but saves you lot of money. Just try to compare how much you pay for the cleaning water and how much you have to pay for the car painting or car body repairing. It’s obvious you could see how bright your car is after it is cleaned. And by cleaning the car, you could also avoid the accumulation of dirt and other natural conditions like rain, sunlight or moisture to harm your car body.

Engine warming

An engine which is coldly started could lead to early friction and the car to be worn out in a speedo way. Not warming enough, the oil of the engine could not circulate around the parts, dirt and other factors will combine together to create sludge in your engines. It is advisable from experts that you should warm up the engine by slowly drive your car in first 30 seconds of driving. And in idle mode, just don’t let the motor run, which will lead to the waste of more fuel.

Not too difficult to clean your car or read the manual, or stop idling, right? What you need to do to reduce expenses for car maintenance is just keeping in mind about self-maintenance for little things and see the changes. Your car will definitely last longer.

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