6 crazy things people do to cars in Japan that you should never try


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Japanese car lovers do a lot of crazy pimping to their cars and a lot of them should not be done in Nigeria. You see why in this post when we point out 6 crazy things people do to cars in Japan that you should never try.

The majority of the cars in Nigeria today are Japanese cars; Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Acura, Nissan, Mazda, and Infiniti are all Japanese brands. Japanese car lovers have a very strong car culture existing amongst them and the whole world is jealous of it.

Popular car movies like the Fast and Furious have very strong Japanese references as the Japanese love cars a lot that they do a lot of crazy things to it. However, there are 6 crazy things people do to cars in Japan that you should never try. Not because they are not cool but because it cannot work in our Nigerian environment.

6 Crazy things people do to cars in Japan that you should never try!

1. Slam Cars 

Slamming cars is a type of modification where a car's height is to the extent that the tyre's body even covers some part of the tyre. This type of modification looks very extreme and it makes people wonder what the real essence is.


Can you see how close to the ground this Acura is? It has been slammed

Slamming cars is very popular in Japan and it is a way of just increasing the cornering ability of stability of the car. When you lower a car, the centre of gravity reduces and the car is able to balance more while it is driving. This is why SUVs generally have poor stability at high speed.

Some slammed cars in japan literally drag on the road while they drive in areas they never planned for. This is why it cannot work in Nigeria. There are very few roads that are totally free of breakages and bad spots.

If you really want a slammed car in Nigeria, then you should go for adjustable air suspension setups. This way, you can increase the height of your car at the touch of a button when the road is very bad and you can lower it when you are sure the road is totally smooth.

Without an adjustable air suspension system in place on your car, there is no point slamming your car in Nigeria and this is also one of the reasons why supercars are almost useless in most parts of Nigeria.

2. Camber Adjustment

The Camber angle on a car is the angle which a car's tyre makes with the road.

Most cars always have no camber angle at all, the tyre is just straight. While some cars have their tyres tiled inwards or outwards a little bit just to aid the stability of the car as it moves.


Take a close look at the tyre, very abnormal. That is an extreme camber adjustment

Japanese car tuners have a culture of giving their cars so much negative camber that it seems like the tyre is totally inwards the car's body and it looks so cool and strange. 

The reason for this is to make the car's tyre have more contact with the road but with the Japanese, it doesn't seem like it.

You can see that this kind of pimping cannot work in Nigeria? Bad roads will destroy the tyre in very little time.

3. Fire from the exhaust 

There is a flame thrower pimp that Japanese car lovers do on their cars. They can command fire to come out of the exhaust anytime they wish by just pushing a button. 


Fire from a car exhaust is very real and dangerous

CDQ, the popular rapper, once asked me to install flame throwers on his Ford Mustang in 2019. We had concluded the price and all but he never got back to me again. It was later I realized that he remembered that this was Nigeria and a flame thrower is not a cool thing to have on your car.

Shooting flames from your car is illegal in Nigeria and it can cause a lot of harm because gas tankers travel on the same roads as normal cars. These trucks are highly inflammable and things might get out of hand if any flame makes its way out of your exhaust.

4. Painting like brand new

I complain to all the people around me that nobody paints cars the way Japanese people do to their cars. Japanese car lovers start re-painting their cars by first scratching off every form of old paint on the car.

This is a very expensive process and if you do that method to a regular car in Nigeria, you will lose a lot of money when you are trying to resell the car.


See the quality of the paint on this Lexus, it has been slammed too

Ordinarily, Nigeria has a very weird car culture of paying less for a car that has been re-sprayed. So yeah, do not spend so much money on the high-quality process of re-spraying your car in Nigeria except you never plan to sell it. The public would not appreciate your hard work not even one bit. 

5. Extreme Bodykits (Bosozoku)

I love body kits so much and this is why I think I should have been born in Japan sometimes.

Japanese people love to install aftermarket body kits on their cars and most times, they install body kits not just for the looks but also to improve the aerodynamics of the car.


This is a Bosozoku car in Japan

There is the normal aftermarket body kit installation that can still work in Nigeria but then there is the Boszoku car culture that is just outrageous.

Bosozoku is a car culture in Japan that installs wide over fenders and extended bumpers on their cars. If you travel to Japan and you fall in love with the Bosozoku culture, never try to bring that your new-found love to Nigeria.

I remember a man from my University that had a 2003 Honda Accord baby boy 2-door variant (Coupe) with aftermarket body kits from Japan. After 8 months, the side skirts were looking their worst because it had dragged the floor and hit too many potholes. Imagine if it was Bosozoku style...

6. Symbolic Car Wrap patterns 

People have tried to copy the Japanese style of wrapping cars in colours like Army Green or Camo patterns in Nigeria and it never ends well except you are military personnel. 


Nigerian soldiers would disturb you when you do this

I know a high profile politician and socialite in Nigeria that was mandated to tear off the Camo Wrap he had on his Mercedes-Benz Sports car because this is Nigeria. The issue of Camo and military green is taken very seriously in Nigeria. 

People get punished every day by the army for putting on clothes with the camo print in any form. I am always surprised when they treat the issue with so much importance.


So you now see why Japan is such a promise land for car lovers, where people transform their love into dope car upgrades and modifications. You must have seen why there are things invented by Japanese people that just could work in Nigeria.

So we hope you enjoy our post 6 crazy things people do to cars in Japan that you should never try and stay tuned with us for more articles like this in the future.

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