Crack on windshield: Should you change it, leave it or repair it?


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Your car's windshield is exposed to cracking in many ways you can not prevent. Is it a must to replace it or any other way? Read this article to know what to do with the crack on your windshield!

You know you could just be driving on the highway and suddenly a piece of stone comes at your car's windshield to smash it ?. This leads to a crack that disfigures your car. The big question here is; what to do when your car's windshield gets a crack or more?


This can happen to anybody, no need to panic okay?

This question and more is what I would be answering today on this article if you read till the end, it is a giveaway in the form of knowledge that you don't want to miss. Here we go! All about what to do and how to handle the crack on the windshield!

What to do when your car's windshield gets cracked?

There are many different ways your car's glass can get a crack and also, the level of crack varies from very small to large cracks that make it impossible to continue driving your car further. If the cause of the crack is unknown then you should study your car well to know why your glass easily gets cracked without deliberate or accidental action just to prevent it in future.


Small cracks like this can easily be repaired

If the crack on the glass extends more than 3 inches, you have to replace the windshield immediately especially when the crack disturbs your line of sight when driving. If the crack is less than 3 inches, there are a couple of solutions that would save you from replacing the windshield.


This is more than 3 inches, it needs cannot be repaired!

These solutions fall under two categories; the first is stopping the crack from spreading further while the second is repairing the crack.

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How and when to stop the crack on your windshield from spreading 

As long as the crack is less than 3 inches, there are 3 ways to stop the crack from spreading further into the glass and they are as follows :

  1. Apply super glue or clear nail polish onto the affected areas of the glass.
  2. Use a windshield repair kit according to the instructions of the manufacturer.
  3. Never park your car directly under sunlight exposure (this is very difficult in Nigeria).


Here is a cracked windshield repair kit you can use at home

Remember, you have the option of repairing the crack on your windshield as well. This repair almost completely takes away the crack on your glass and it feels like magic because it is glass. Yeah, it is very possible. 

How and when to repair a crack in your windshield

You need to repair cracks in the windshield when the location of the crack affects your vision while driving. In Nigeria, there are glass specialists that repair cracked windshields with chemical processes.

You should start repair on your car windshield very quickly to avoid build-up of dirt in the crack which makes it difficult to repair later.


He is a professional, only professionals should handle glass repair/replacement

The glass specialists let you know if the repair is possible or not. Do not argue the possibility of repairing your car's windshield with professionals. If the crack is large and you go ahead to repair yourself, you would just hurt your hands in the process.  

How and when to replace your cracked windshield

Windshield replacement is the last solution that should come to your mind when your car's glass cracks whether in front or at the rear. There are times when the damage to the glass obviously needs replacement. This happens from collisions and deliberate glass smashing.

Windshield replacement should be done only by professionals because it has become very technical this recent times. There are sensors attached to car windshields that require proper removal and calibration once the replacement is complete. Also, you should never see it as a DIY because the risk of glass smashing and cutting your skin is very high.


A neatly done windshield replacement (it could not have been repaired)

Once your windshield has been replaced, always perform a water test to make sure there are no holes at the windshield joints with the car's frame. Spray a large volume of water on the glass from every angle and inspect the interior part of the car for water dripping in.

Cost of windshield repair/replacement 

Cost of windshield repair and replacement
Item   Price in Naira
Superglue/Clear nail polish ₦500 - ₦2,000
Windshield repair kit  ₦4000 - ₦8,000
Windshield repair  ₦7,000 - ₦30,000
Windshield replacement ₦20,000 - ₦400,000

Here is an instructional video on how to fix a small crack by yourself at home :


The crack on the windshield needs immediate attention no matter how small it is; you either stop the crack or repair it if the crack is less than 3 inches. Any crack above 3 inches could still be repaired but only a professional glass repairer can determine that. The last solution is a windshield replacement.

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