8 components of a Car AC that show how it works

By Oluwaseun Solomon
Publish on June 15, 2019

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How well do you understand the components of your car’s AC system? See these 8 Components of a Car AC that you need to know how it works. Check here now!

There is hardly anyone on the Naijauto.com that can deny not recognizing how sweet it is to ride in a car with good fitted AC system 😊. Imagine being in heavy traffic like that of Lagos under a scorching sun with no AC unit in your car? We are sure that even with windows rolled down, the experience will still be an unpleasant one.

However, we are not discussing the benefits of a car AC system in this post, rather we will be listing out its different components and how they all work together to give you that soothing experience. This knowledge will not only help you understand the AC in your car but also help you diagnose issues with the unit anytime there is one. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Below are the most crucial 8 components of your car AC that you need to know; contributing to the operation of the car AC.

1. Refrigerant

This is actually a gas that is commonly called “Freon” which is more of the major component of the AC system itself.

If your AC unit is functioning in the proper way, this gas physical property should be able to be changed into a cooler gas when compressed by the compressor or a warmer gas that you feel in the car whichever way.

2. Compressor

This is the component that compresses the “Freon” or refrigerant and passes it through another component called “condenser”.

3. Condenser

 Condenser lets air pass over to cool the heat that comes from the compressed gas thereby condensing the gas into a cold one.

There are two types of this condenser and they are the parallel condenser and the serpentine condenser. Even though the parallel condenser tends to last longer, it can’t be fixed if it ever goes bad, but on the other hand, the serpentine condenser can surely be fixed when faulty.

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4. Receiver-drier

This is a component of a car AC which is like a canister that contains desiccant which actually absorbs moisture by itself. As a matter of fact, some vehicle’s AC system that has a receiver-drier will usually feature a transparent glass that lets you see the flow of the actual gas itself.

5. Expansion Valve

This is a very interesting component as it is responsible for restricting refrigerant flow in the AC so that the liquid pressure can be changed from high-pressure to low-pressure which the resulting low-pressure liquid is then passed on to the evaporator component.

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6. Evaporator

This component is a large grilled kind of plate which attracts every low-pressure air that comes from the expansion valve component.

7. Blower Motor

During the time when the previously mentioned low-pressure mist is flowing through the AC’s evaporator component, the blower motor is the one that pushes air just across the elevator in order to deliver cooled air which is enjoyed by the occupants of the car.

8. Accumulator

This is also a very important component of a car’s AC system as it is responsible for removing any detected/present moisture in the evaporator component.

The gas within the AC unit usually turns to moisture/liquid at some particular temperature degree so, it is this accumulator that literally collects this liquid to ensure that you only get hit by cool air from the AC system and never moist air.

Those are the 8 crucial components of a typical car AC that you need to know and how they work together. Now that you know, we believe you now have an overview of what goes on within your car’s AC system and be able to diagnose the unit if it ever has issues.

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