9 common cars thieves steal parts from when you park carelessly overnight


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Car part theft has increased by a lot in Nigeria these days and the common cars are listed here. Read on to discover!

There are car thieves and there are car part thieves. A car thief will stop you on the highway probably with a gun and would steal your car key and drive your car away forever while a car part thief will come to your car when you have parked it somewhere, target a particular part, steal it off and make money exchanging it for money.

Today, we have gathered 9 common cars thieves steal parts from when you park carelessly overnight. A little backstory on this car part stealing culture would help you understand better and help you protect your car from thieves.


These thieves act very fast and sharply

In the early 2000s, car parts thieves would mostly steal car stereo systems by breaking the car window to gain access into the car but this is the 2020s and things have changed very fast.

Since the Nigerian Government introduced these new number plates that are not tied to a vehicle but to a person. Car owners have stopped numbering car parts like the days of old. This has made it easier for car parts thieves to steal car parts like side mirror, door handles, logos & emblems, headlights, brainbox, stereo systems and batteries.

So, what are the cars that suffer the most from car parts thieves in Nigeria?

9 Most Common Cars that Car Part Thieves Steal from in Nigeria!

1. Toyota Corolla

One of the reasons why we always advise people against the Toyota Corolla between 2002 and 2007  is because it is a hotspot for Nigerian car part thieves. The Corolla is the most common car in Nigeria in this period hence, a lot of people would need spare parts for the car.


The most common car thieves steal part from

Earlier in the year 2021, there was a robbery operation in my residential area in Lagos. 7 armed men wearing black shirts robbed every Corolla in my area of brain box and power window control switch.


The Corolla Brain-Box is easy to steal

Everyone was shocked to find every Corolla on the street 'brainboxless' the following morning and this was how I got the inspiration to write this article.

If you drive a Corolla like this, always park it in a safe and secure environment overnight.

2. Toyota Camry Muscle

The Camry Muscle also has its brainbox in a location that is easy to remove for these thieves. Moreover, the inbuilt stereo system is also something they love to steal but that has been on the decline as everyone is switching to an Android interface.


Another hotspot for car parts thieves

3. Benz W204

Thanks to the ease of upgrading, the Benz W204 is the face of being a big boy in Nigeria these days as every Tom, Dick and Harry that wants to feel cool opts for this compact-sized Mercedes Benz Entry Level Luxury Sedan.


This one also gets attacked a lot

The major things thieves will steal from your W204 would be the side mirror glass and the side mirror housing if they get enough time.


Stolen mirror!

This glass is worth about ₦30,000 in the market and it is very easy to remove.

4. Honda Accord Evil Spirit

The Evil Spirit is the Honda Accord from 2008 till 2012 and it is a hot spot for car parts thieves in Nigeria also because it is a very common Honda car especially in the Northern part of the country.


The car the Northerners love the most

Thieves always steal the brain box, control switches and even the rear lights especially if it is the 2-door Coupe edition.

Most of these stolen parts get transported illegally to the North and is easily sold as black market spare parts for Honda Accord owners over there.

5. Lexus ES350

The Lexus ES350 between 2006 and 2013 year model is a car that every car part thief in the country is praying to find in the middle of the night out in the open because they want to steal the chromes, side mirrors and window controller.


Window control switch gets stolen a lot

In fact, every Lexus car out there between 2006 and 2014 are huge targets for car part thieves.


The Lexus ES350 is now popular in Nigeria and thieves are all over it 

I watched CCTV footage of how the side mirror glass on a 2013 Lexus RX350 was stolen in broad daylight by an elderly man that pretended to be on the phone asking for directions.

Lexus is the most popular luxury car in Nigeria after Mercedes-Benz so its parts will always be in very high demand. These thieves know the statistics and they would use it any day any time.

6. Mercedes-Benz GLK

The GLK is a Mercedes-Benz compact SUV that a lot of Nigerians buy for one reason or the other. Unfortunately, car part thieves would make sure they steal every electronic switch on the GLK if they gain access into the car in the middle of the night.

The GLK was only produced once by Benz

The GLK was only produced once by Benz

The GLK’s parts are very expensive in the market and this is why even the part sellers easily patronize the car parts thieves when they bring their black market goods for sale.

7. Nissan Micra/Danfo

The Nissan Micra is the most popular transportation medium in Oyo State while the Volkswagen Transporter aka Danfo is the most common medium of road transport in Lagos State.


Micra in Ibadan is a hot cake

These two vehicles have very high proximity to car part thieves in Nigeria because their parts are in high demand.


Yep, these Danfos are prone to these attacks

Danfos often get robbed of headlights, taillights, grilles and engine parts.

8. Porsche

Any Porsche at all in Nigeria is prone to car parts thieves because their parts are averagely expensive and are always a gold mine to these thieves when they find a stray Porsche in Nigeria.


Porsches should not be carelessly parked outside

Porsches are very unreliable performance cars that always need parts. The Panamera is the most popular Porsche on this table.

9. Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf is the last car on this list because the rate at which it gets attacked has reduced over time. Golf 3 and Golf 4 were very hot cars when it comes to car parts robbery in the early 2010s but all that has changed now.


The Volkswagen Golf is no longer common

The electrical controls were the main target for these cars.

How to Prevent Your Car from Parts Thieves

I came up with simple tips to help you prevent your car from these guys.

  1. Always park your car in a secure environment.
  2. Fortify your glass so it can be smash proof to an extent.
  3. Do not leave any flashy item on display when you park your car.
  4. Always close your side mirrors to mentally shield them from thieves.


Now that you know the 9 common cars thieves steal parts from when you park carelessly overnight, it doesn’t mean your car that didn’t make this list is exempted. Apply the same safety tips on your cars to prevent stories that touch the heart tomorrow.

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