Essential checkups you should do regularly for a more durable car


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They're so simple you'd regret not doing it sooner.

Unlike motorbike, cars are much more sophisticated and therefore should be treated with the hands of the pros. Though taking your cars to an auto shop regularly is sensible enough, it doesn't hurt to do these checkups so that you can prolong the interval between the two maintenance.

1. The tires

You should always keep a spare tire in your car to be able to swiftly deal with unfortunate events. Also, check for the quality of the treads, are they deep enough for a firm grip to the road? Lastly, keep it properly inflated.

A bunch of tires

Good pairs of tires will keep you safe and your wallet full

2. The tools

Always have a toolbox ready in your car. Normally it came together with the car when you bought it, but still, some people take it out and forget to put it back on again. It should at least includes some removal tools, a car jack to lift the car and some screwdrivers with several sizes.

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3.The engine oil

Frequently keep track of the amount of oil your car consume so that you wouldn't waste thousand more Nairas on oil money. Also check the dipstick in every trip, especially the long one and have it changed if necessary.

pouring engine oil

Take care of your "baby" frequently and it will take care of you on the road

4. The coolant

Coolant, acting as the temperature controller, is an essential fluid to the engine. Check the coolant level to see if its amount is sufficient and fill it up when needed. Remember to only do that when the engine has stopped working for at least 2 to 3 hours to prevent unwanted burn.

5. The windscreen

Look closely for any fractures and/or scratches no matter how minor they are because it can be a make-or-break factor when you're faced with a life-or-death situation. Most minor problems can be fixed without changing the whole screen so remember to keep an eye on it.

Next one is the windscreen wiper. The wiper itself is made of metal and is not really that easy to wear out, but the plastic rubber underneath is a different story. It can get worse much faster and become cracked and brittle and can leave scratches on your windshield, so change it frequently. Also, if your screenwash is empty, do not fill it only with water as it's not very effective in cleaning oil-based contaminants.

6. The lights

Treat all the lights equally, such as the indicators, the brake light and if you're living in a foggy area, check the fog lights too. When you're running in a bad weather condition, you can wash your light using a damp cloth.

a car signal light

Check all the lights frequently, especially the signal lights 

7. The power steering oil

The steering oil almost takes forever to wear out, but that doesn't mean you don't have to check it. And when you do need to change or fill it up, only go for the one that is recommended by the manual.

8. The bodywork

Get scratches and damages on the bodywork fixed as soon as possible to prevent widespread rust. Cars are well protected against this thanks to the insurance terms, you just need to drive it to the dealer once every year.

Above are essential checkups you should do regularly for your car so it is healthier and you are always in the know of how well-functioning it is. For more handy tips on car maintenance, please click here.

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