How long does charging a dead car battery will take?

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How long does the charging of a dead car battery take? If you have a dead car battery, how long will it take you to charge it up? Click here now to find out!

Car batteries play an essential role in a car. They provide the immediate electricity needed to switch on a car’s engine and at the same time, they store the extra electricity that the car’s alternator supplies. doesn’t need to tell you the obvious, which is: A dead car battery can’t supply you the electricity you will need to operate almost all the electrical accessories inside the car itself. But if it’s the case that you are experiencing a car battery failure then there must have been some reasons behind it. You might not have an alternative solution to start your car if your car battery suddenly goes dead and gets you stranded. So, we will like to discuss that first before we go into the main topic of how long it takes to charge up a dead car battery?

1. What causes a car battery failure?

Several factors lead to an eventual or sudden failure of a car battery and some of these are:

1.1. Leaving headlights on

Most cars’ headlight consumes a lot of electrical energy from the car battery. So, if you are the type of driver that always leave your headlights on unnecessarily or mistakenly when the car is parked, you will most likely experience battery rundown/failure frequently. Even though most modern cars now have automatic shutoffs for lights, yet if your car has none, then leaving your headlights on will be the number one cause of your car battery failure.


Leaving a car’s headlight on drains the battery quickly and will lead to battery failure

1.2. Using electrical accessories in the car

Your car battery will drain quickly if you are using various electrical accessories of the car while leaving the key in the on position without further driving. Remember the battery is needed to also start the engine so, if you keep running your car radio and infotainment systems off the battery most times without further driving the car, the battery will lose its juices quickly and drain out leading to battery failure.

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1.3. Horrible charging

If your car’s battery charging system is malfunctioning and not doing the right job, then you can expect your car’s battery to keep draining even while you are driving the car and its alternator is running. Some cars have an advanced system that connects and uses the car’s alternator to supply power to the radio, lights and other electrical systems in the car. This cool feature also comes as a downside when there is charging problems in the car’s circuit. This feature will actually make your car battery deplete faster in such charging problem cases.

How long will it take to charge my battery

2. How long does charging a dead car battery take to complete?

If you are more concerned about how much time it will actually take to charge up a dead car battery, the truth is; the amount of time is dependent on a different array of factors. You must consider these factors because they are the determinant of how fast or how slow the charging process can take. Some of these factors are:

  • The current condition of the car battery
  • Availability of remaining charge after its previous usage
  • How powerful is the battery charger to be used?
  • What’s the setting on the battery charger to be used for the charging?

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What all this mean is that, it could take a mere 4 to 5 minutes for a high capacity battery charger to fill up the battery completely. While on the other hand, it may take up to 24 hours if the charging is tickling, to completely charge a dead car battery.

Something important to also note is, the actual capacity of the battery to be charged. Yes, that’s right. Some batteries have more capacity than the other. Take for example, a 24V battery will take less time to charge when compared to a 12V battery. And like we mentioned earlier, the current condition of the battery also matters. The total time required to charge a battery can be directly affected by the current battery’s condition too.

It will take less time to charge a well-maintained car battery that has distilled water and sulphuric acid in it. Furthermore, using a more powerful charger immensely reduces the time it takes to charge a dead car battery as well. Take for instance, a 3amps charger will take less than 24 hours to charge a 12V car battery while a 2amps charger may take more than a day to charge a 24V car battery.

3. Conclusion

Now, you have your answers, right? We think you do 😊.

At Naijauto, we understand that a dead car battery can make a driver stranded and even throw him/her in a state of confusion anywhere and at any time. This is why we have brought out this piece to inform you and help you avoid such scenarios. So, please always take right caution when it comes to your car battery and keep an eye on it. Get the battery charged regularly and follow proper battery maintenance tips as well as other useful car maintenance tips & advice to avoid sudden battery failure and car breakdown altogether. Goodluck!

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