Changing tire on Mercedes-Benz cars: What you must know


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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Changing flat tire on Mercedes-Benz is pretty easy and straightforward once you get hold of jack, 19 mm lug nut wrench and a spare tire. Click here to see how to do it!

Although in some countries, the automaker, Mercedes-Benz, offers Roadside Assistance program affording its clients the chance of having representative sent from the company to your location and assist with any kind of road side issues you might be encountering. Since that may not be feasible here in Nigeria, it is important you know how to change flat tire by yourself.

With these set of instructions on changing flat tire on Mercedes-Benz cars here on Naijauto, your car will be back in no time on the road. Make sure you have your Mercedes spare tire, 19mm lug nut wrench and car jack with you before attempting to change the flat tire.

Steps to change flat tire on Mercedes-Benz cars

Follow these guidelines closely to change your Mercedes-Benz tires!

1. Make sure you get your car parked in a dry, flat place in order to easily jack the car up. Always ensure to park your car at a safe spot on the shoulder of the road to avoid collision with oncoming traffic.

2. Get the shifter into “Park”; deploy the hazard lights after pulling the parking brake.

3. Locate the spare tire, car jack and lug wrench in the car’s trunk.

4. You will need to loosen the flat tire’s lug nuts by using the lug wrench. Refrain from complete removal of the nut at this point in time. Approximately, you will have to loosen them on turn.


To avoid flat tire drama in the middle of nowhere, make sure you always bring a spare tire

5. Find the jacking point on your car. If you experience difficulty finding them, use the directional guide on the manual that came with your Mercedes.

6. Get the vehicle raised till the point when the flat tire hovers 3 inches off the floor.

7. Since you have loosened every lug nut on the flat tire, proceed by removing all the lug nuts using the lug wrench. The lug nuts are usually five in number.

8. Patiently remove the flat tire by pulling it straight out. Kick the rubber part of the tire gently in order to remove it from the wheel hub.

9. Get the lug nut holes aligned with their specific holes after you have placed the spare tire on the wheel hub. It is possible you get a wheel stud guide in the spare tools kit. Thread it calmly into one of the corresponding hole for lug nut. When you are pushing the spare tire in, ensure it properly gets seated against brake rotor.

10. Get those lug nuts onto the holes and screw them tightly in order to have a spare tire that is attached firmly to the wheel assembly of the vehicle.

11. Get the vehicle lowered to the ground via counter-clockwise cranking of the jack. After this, get the jack off the car.

12. You should get those lug nut tightened using a star pattern once the car is properly lowered to the ground. Make sure you start with the lug nuts at the top before tightening the ones opposing at the base. This star pattern mode of tightening is to ensure a properly attached tire onto the vehicle for your safety.

13. The final step is driving your Mercedes for few minutes and re-inspecting the lug nuts. Ensure the lug nuts are properly fastened.

How to change into your spare tire (Mercedes-Benz)

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What to do if it's hard to get the tire off your Mercedes?

Here are what you should do when you encounter difficulty removing the tire from your Mercedes:

1. Spray WD-40 on the lug nut and leave it seated for a minimum of 15 minutes.

2. Make use of rubber mallet on the tire and hit the inside part lightly. Do not hit the rim. You should attempt to get the built-up rust or any form of corrosion broken up. Do not use hammer or metal mallet as it could damage your vehicle.


Use WP-40 spray on the lug nuts to get the difficult tire removed easily after 15 minutes  

What to do if it's hard to loosen the Mercedes lug nuts?

Due to corrosion or refusal to come off, you might get frustrated as a Mercedes-Benz owner while trying to remove the lug nuts. This is a common problem among many owners. Truth be told, the lug wrench installed on these vehicles by Mercedes may not be adequate at times to get these nuts loosened, hereby bending easily. This could pose as a challenge to you especially when you find yourself at the roadside in the middle of nowhere.

To escape this kind of difficulty or unwanted situation, you should take into consideration the act of procuring an aftermarket lug nut wrench that would be extendable and hard to break. Getting a Telescoping Lug Nut Wrench should be a perfect choice of tool for your Mercedes.  It comes with 4 different socket sizes to be used on any model. Its extensiveness makes it much easier to get those lug nuts removed easily.


Telescoping lug nut wrench should be an excellent choice due to its versatility and strength for all models

We believe these steps are easy and straightforward enough for you to change your flat tire on your own as a Mercedes-Benz owner anywhere you find yourself.

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