Changing the oil in your car – How often should you do it?

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Many people have different opinions about how often to change the oil in a car and what type of oil one should use. In this article, we'll clear the confusion!

If you seek advice or opinions from other car owners or drivers on the questions “How often should I change the oil in my car?”, or “What type of oil should I use?”. can promise you that all the answers, opinions, views and advice you would get will surely confuse you. Reason being the fact that; as times change, automobile requirements change as well. What works for a 1955 vehicle will be completely different from what will work for a vehicle today.

1. Why is an oil change important to do?

Well, you can’t expect a dirty oil to be as effective as clean oil. Just like the blood works in the veins of us humans, the same way the oil works in vehicle engines. When the oil in your vehicle is dirty, you should expect the car’s performance to be hampered. You can notice malfunctioning of your vehicle’s engine caused by contaminants contained in the dirty oil which could have eroded the metal parts of such an engine. The oil would become useless as the rust reducers start to fail.

Changing the oil regularly and at the appropriate time can really help prolong a vehicle’s engine life and save the car owner lots of money on a future replacement of a damaged engine. To simply put, replacing a damaged engine is way more expensive than the cost of simply changing the oil as at when due, to avoid such damage.

2. How often should you do an oil change?

It can be really tricky when timing a vehicle’s oil change. There are really no one formula or permanent rule to it. Every engine has a different maintenance and oil change schedule that should be followed because engines are generally different and have varieties. That old 1990s rule that says to change oil after every 3,000 miles or 3 months is no more valid or applicable today.


Getting an oil change after every 3,000 miles or 3 months is now an old and misleading rule

This rule is now highly irrelevant just like any other oil change rule especially in cars bought from the year 2000 till now. Nowadays it is only advisable and reasonable to confirm from your vehicle’s manufacturer directly on the schedule and oil change times. You can check the vehicle’s manual, and if you misplace your physical manual booklet, you can download the softcopy online or speak to the manufacturer’s customer support.

Don’t always opt for a cheap oil change unless you have an oil change coupon that can give you a discount. The reason we kick against going for cheap oil is that vehicles react differently to different oil types. An incompatible or bad oil type will make your vehicle go through some tough conditions while driving which will overall lead to the vehicle’s depreciation. But, if you happen to have a coupon, please use it 😊.

3. Which is the best type of oil to choose?

As a car owner or driver, you would normally find various car oil options when you walk into a store just as there are varying prices you will get an oil change at different places. These oils are of different types and you will get options for concept cars, high-mileage cars, hatchbacks, SUVs, small cars and etc. Also, seasons like winter & summer determines some options you will see. In any case or scenario, you should just make sure that whatever option you finally go for matches your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations and specifications.

4. Most common 4 types of car oil

Below we have listed and discussed four of the most common types of oil you would see out there:

4.1. The premium conventional oil type

This oil type is the standard vehicle oil you will mostly see around. It has the variants; 5W-20 / 5W-30, and the 10W-30 which is meant for high-temperature areas like in deserts especially during the summer months of the year.

4.2. The full synthetic oil type

This type of car oil retains its viscosity in low temperatures and in high temperatures, offers top lubrication. It is ideal for the high-tech kind of vehicles. You might discover that the oil change prices for the conventional oil type are lesser when compared with that of the full synthetic oil.

Oil changes: How often do you need them? (Marketplace)

4.3. The blended oil type

This type of oil is a synthetic/organic mix that is manufactured purposely for trucks and the heavy-duty SUVs that works in high-temperature conditions most times.

4.4. The high mileage oil type

This type of oil has conditioner added in it that swells and plugs in any crankshaft leaks that might surface later. For vehicles that have at least clocked 75,000 miles, this is the right oil made for them.

5. Conclusion

Before you go for an oil change, we advise you always consult your vehicle owner’s manual or speak with their support team for right directions and recommendations. If you find oil change coupons, they can help you enjoy discounts on oil change rather than opting for cheap low-quality oil.

You should check here more often for useful car maintenance tips and advice.

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