What is Carbon Clean: should you do it to your car engine?

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For non-conventional gasoline engines, the fuel injectors are on the in-tech. So should you carbon clean your engine, but before that, you need to understand what is carbon cleaning. See all information here!

1. What is carbon cleaning?

Today, we’re going to talk about the truth behind carbon cleaning car engine.

It really doesn’t matter if the outside of your engine is dirty but it is really important that the inside of your engine is clean. So, of course, you want to change your oil regularly to keep the engine clean that way but when gasoline burns into earth’s atmosphere inside your engine, one of the byproducts is carbon and carbon has the ability to take up space inside of the engine.

If you have a lot of carbon build up inside the combustion chamber, the carbon takes up space which will in turn make the compression ratio go higher because you have less space in the same area and it can lead to pre-ignition and clogging of your engine and that’s not a good thing.

To prevent the accumulation of unwanted deposits like carbon in car engine, carbon cleaning is introduced.


The inside of the engine does not have to be as clean as the outside.

2. Is carbon cleaning really necessary for your car engine?

For non-conventional gasoline engines, the fuel injectors are on the in-tech. So, when the air gets sucked into the engine, the fuel injectors spray gasoline with that and they go over the in-tech valves as they’re sucked in. And if you don’t know anything about gasoline, it’s a good solvent, it’s a very good cleaner so, you generally don’t get much carbon build up on the valves of a conventional engine if you use good gasoline and change your oil regularly.

But if you own one of the modern GDi gasoline direct injection systems, they’re very notorious for carboning up the engine because GDi injectors are directly spraying fuel into the block. They don’t spray it over the in-tech valves and with all the anti-pollution equipment, the PCV system can take oil deposits out of the engine and burn it but since it’s no longer mixed with gasoline when it goes over the in-tech, it can build up carbon on the in-tech system.

Now, some of the really modern engines that have GDi, they have a GDi system and then, they also have the regular fuel system and the in-tech system and the computer alternates back and forth so the regular injectors on the in-tech sprays gasoline over the in-tech valves to help clean them. A lot of people are trying to sell carbon cleaning to their customers because they went out, the bought the machine, they want to pay for the machine and make a profit so, they offer to help people carbon clean their engine. And many times, the vehicles don’t actually need carbon cleaning. 


The 3C induction cleaner does the best carbon cleaning

If you want to know if your engine needs carbon cleaning, you can use a borescope to look inside the engine. You can buy one that can be hooked to your phone, laptop and tv to give you perfectly accurate results. All you need to is take off the beauty cover, take off the ignition core, remove the spark plug and then you get the scope and look inside.

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Engines can carbon up if you don’t go over 30 miles an hour. That’s where the supposed myth of the Italian Tuneup actually works in cars that are driven too slow. The Italian Tuneup is a slang for getting on the highway and driving your car real fast. Moving very fast helps the car to run better and smoother with more acceleration because it helps clean the carbon out of the engine from going slow most of the time.

If you look inside and see some carbon and you need to clean it out, there are many carbon cleaning systems out there but only a few of them are actually safe for your car. One is using water. Water turns to steam when it’s really hot and steam can work to clean out the carbon but it has one major disadvantage. If you get too much water in, you can hydro lock the engine, bend the pistons and cause all kinds of damage. It is better to get a professional mechanic to do this for you with his machine rather than go ahead to do it yourself.

See why he adviced you not to carbon clean your car engine!

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The machine that does the best carbon cleaning is the ATS chemical machine, the 3C induction cleaner. It hooks up to the induction and it releases chemicals they’ve created to clean all the different parts and do it correctly without damaging the engine. But you have to decide if you really need your engine carbon cleaned in the first place. You can test your car every month with the borescope so as to save you from the problem of carbon building up. If your car runs perfectly fine, you really don’t need carbon cleaning because they keep perfecting modern gasoline configuration and it burns well.

So far your car runs well, do not let anyone talk you into having your car carbon cleaned. Most times, it causes more damage than good to your car’s engine. Only carbon clean the engine when it is extremely necessary.

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