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My Toyota Corolla takes 2 minutes before it engages. My car engine smokes, what should I do? Find the answers with Naijauto experts!

1. Honda Pilot engine vibration when ignited

Question: My Honda Pilot engine vibrates heavily for about 15 seconds every morning when ignited before it settles. What do I do?

Email: cypdesaint@gmail.com

Naijauto's answer: This is a common fuel pump issue observed in most cars, the pump is not supplying all the nozzles of each cylinder properly. Visit your mechanic and have him check out your fuel pump, this should help solve the issue.


2. Solution for a smoking engine

Question: Can you help with any info on the possibility of curing a smoking engine without necessarily 'ringing' the car? That's, replacing the piston rings?

Email: yusufanyogo@me.com

Naijauto's answer: It is suggested that you change your engine oil and oil filter. This should cure the smoking for a while. You could also have your mechanic check your timing belt, it could be a possible cause if it’s weak. You could have it changed. However, if your car still smokes a more definite solution will be to replace the piston rings.

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3. Smoke from exhaust after parking Toyota Highlander for long

Q: I have a Toyota Highlander 2003, if I drive it for so long and packed it somewhere and the engine is cool after driving it for so long, then I start the engine again it will bring smoke from exhaust. After a press the throttle or moved the car, the smoke will stop.

I have been to different mechanics workshop they use to take my money and do something that is not spoil in the car and the problem will not stop, I have changed all the valves seal as the mechanics predict but it doesn't stop the problem, please I need help on this. Thanks so much!!!

Email: oluseyi301@gmail.com

Naijauto's answer: We still believe the most likely solution to your problem is the valve seal. Try to get genuine valve seals and that issue should stop.

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4. 2003 Toyota Corolla takes too long before engaging

Question: What do l do to my 2003 Corolla car that takes like 2 minutes before it engages when put in drive. It selects easily afterwards but the moment it gets cold it takes abnormal time before it engages in drive position. I have taken it to a mechanic for servicing yet to no avail. He advised me to change the gear entirely but it costs a fortune.

Naijauto's answer: As unfriendly as it sounds, the best solution is to have your gearbox changed, some specialists are good at servicing gearbox, but the problem doesn’t take long to return. So, my advise is to get a new gearbox. It’s better to save yourself the stress that comes with constant gearbox servicing.

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5. Using ATF as power steering fluid

Question: I want to know if it's okay to use ATF as power steering fluid? If no, please what do I do in an event I already filled my power steering fluid reservoir with ATF? Your advice will be very useful.

Naijauto's answer: It’s okay to use ATF fluid.

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