Car painting: 7 mistakes car painters make in Nigeria


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When you re-spray your car in Nigeria and it doesn't look brand new, something is wrong. And here in this article, we point out 7 mistakes by most Nigerian car painters!

Car painting simply means re-spraying your car due to different reasons. It could be after an accident or because you just want it to look brand new again or many other reasons why you need to re-spray your car. No matter what it is, this article is the best thing that would happen to you today.

Have you ever wondered why Nigerians like asking ' is this car first body' whenever a car is on sale as locally used? It's because a lot of Nigerian automobile spray painters don't re-spray cars the right way. You would see the wrong practices that lead to car your car's de-valuation through a new paint job in this article. 

How to paint a car; 7 mistakes Nigerian painters make!

1) Using Low-quality paint


Can you this low-quality paint reacting with the car body? 

I won't call this a mistake per se because it is a matter of the customer's budget. Using low-quality automotive paint for cars makes the re-sprayed car never look like new.


See how this Very old Ferrari's red paint is shining 

The mistake some spray painters make here is that they don't tell you that there are various classes of car paints. If you are painting a recent year model car, it's best to use a high-quality auto base paint just so that your car doesn't lose its second-hand value.

2) Incorrect matching of paint colour


Can you see the striking difference? bad paint job

Can you believe that some Nigerian painters use the rule of thumb to match the colour of a car they want to re-spray? Sometimes, you want to re-spray only your front bumpers because it just got fixed from a dent like this car below. The bonnet is white while the body is black, the black paint that will be used for the bonnet must be properly matched so that the car can look uniform. 


The bonnet colour is different, it's new colour has to be properly matched so the car can look good

The only accurate way to go about this is by scanning the colour of the car with a computer. The computer tells the correct code of this paint and sometimes, the colour code is written on a part of the car. This colour code is what allows the automotive paint seller to select the right colour for the car. 


That is the colour scanner that tells the exact colour of the car

Any spray painter that randomly mixes colours to match a car paint doesn't deserve to be called a car painter. This mistake ends up making the car look like a mess with different shades of its own colour.

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3) No buffing/waxing of car after painting

There are different car paint types. Some need waxing while some don't. Immediately after a glossy/metallic paint job has been concluded on your car, it is necessary to give the paint job a wax treatment then buff it for premium shine. A lot of Nigerian spray painters miss this process because their masters didn't train them this way.


Buff and wax your car for premium shine!

Waxing and buffing is a new approach to car spraying in Nigeria that has been around since 2010. Waxing and buffing remove light scratches on a car's paint and it is one of the ways to protect the life of your car's paint. At the end of the process, the car looks brighter and has a better glossy finish.

The best way of waxing a car is when the electrical buffer is used. If your spray painter charges you extra money for this process please pay him/her for it because this is what allows your paint job to attain its maximum potential.

How often should you wax your car?

it should be done every 3 months to protect the finishing of your paint job. Waxing in Nigeria costs between ₦5,000 and ₦15,000 depending on the location of the workshop.

4) Spraying cars in a contaminated oven

I am assuming you know that in 2020, your car should only be re-sprayed in a facility that has an automated baking oven otherwise called a car paint booth. Most low budget spray painters in Lagos Nigeria for example, have a spraying booth around their workshops where they spray their clients' cars. 


If you spray your car in places like this, the paint job can never be good

When spraying in an oven, painters make that mistake of allowing air to enter the oven by opening the doors carelessly when the oven is baking the spray. Once the door gets opened, it draws dust into the oven and it sticks to the new car paint reducing the quality of the job.

The oven also needs to be clean at all times, the filters in the oven should be cleaned as regularly as the car paint sprayer because they also hold a lot of dust. A clean and airtight spraying booth should always be maintained by Nigerian spray painters so that we can have that premium shine always. 


The only time an oven is opened is when the car leaves or enters 

Dust also destroys completed paint jobs parked for long in the workshop. This is one of the reasons you need car covers to present in your car always. It makes the painter able to cover your car up when done.

5) No usage of Paint Strippers

Paint strippers should be used to take out old paint on your car when it wants to get re-sprayed with another colour but a lot of our spray painters in Naija just start prepping the car with the old paint fully on the car. Re-spraying a car with the old paint still on it makes the car's body get thicker. Your car should be re-sprayed on an almost paint-free surface and this can be achieved with paint strippers.


Can you see the paint peeling off? that's how strippers work

Paint strippers range from ₦12,000 to ₦25,000, you as a car owner can buy it for your spray painter and deduct it from the money you are paying for the painting service. 

6) Not stripping the car properly before prepping

I don't know if this is because you people don't like paying spray painters the way they want, how would a car be fully re-sprayed without a strip down process ?. Strip down is when car components are taken out of the car to allow the spray to go deep into the car. The headlights, grilles, doormats, door handles, emblem and other removable parts on the exterior must be removed and kept safe.


If possible, your car can be stripped like this before it gets sprayed 

Stripping a car needs to be done as the first thing. All the screws and other fasteners must be kept safe so that the car can be coupled back the way it was manufactured. I have seen a car's headlight almost fall out because somebody didn't tighten a screw as it ought to be done.   

7) Painting car on a rough foundation

This is a direct interpretation of 'as you lay your bed so you lie on it'.

I see a lot of Nigerian car painters lay a clear coat of spray on a car body that isn't well prepared. This preparation is the whole process that makes a car body evenly smooth so that the paint can make the car look brand new, from the Bondo application to the primer stage then basecoat paint level. 


The preparation must be done perfectly 

Some painters have the mindset that a car that is about to be re-sprayed can never look brand new when it is done but in the abroad, all the car paint jobs I see online makes the car look exactly brand new. In fact, people are painting their cars so that they can look exactly like new once again. 

Maximum attention is needed when preparing a car through the body filler stage, rust repair process, dent repair process and smoothening process.
Any car that comes out of a spray painter's workshop, looking fresh but still having noticeable dents and contours all over is a bad paint job. 


You have the power to prevent all of these mistakes if your spray painter never gets to read this article. You can either educate them or enforce the right processes under the umbrella of customer satisfaction.

Here is a tutorial on car painting that you can do at home on your own :

Re-spraying a car is not meant to reduce the resale value of your car instead, it should make the value higher. For more articles like this, stay tuned with!

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