Experiencing car overheating? Problems you need to watch out for


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Overheating is more than enough to ruin your wonderful vacation plan. Read here on how you can easily detect these problems and proffer solutions to them!

Nothing sounds more exciting than planning a long vacation, especially after months of hectic work. Literally speaking, you can decide to personally take yourself on a road trip across states. However, it is quite possible for triple digit temperature to take a serious toll on your car. If you haven’t prepared for situation like this, you could find yourself stranded at the middle of nowhere. This could fill you up with feeling of regret, wishing you hadn’t taken this trip in the first place. There is point overthinking this, there are ways you can avoid this problem. Here on Naijauto is the list of overheating problems you can encounter and the easy way to prevent car overheating.

1. Low fluids

Do you know that overheating can occur if there isn’t sufficient fluid in the engine? This can ultimately destroy your engine. Just like in the human body works, there is need to hydrate onself to keep the body system running properly. If you deny your car of enough oil, it can be very prone to collapse. To avoid this kind of problem, the following should be done:

  • Keep the oil reservoir full.
  • Pay attention to the transmission fluid, as exposing your car to low level of this fluid would cause overheating especially when ascending steep grade.
  • Periodically top off the coolant level in the engine.


When your car overheats, it can really put you at a very tough spot- fix it right away!

2. Ruptured old hoses, belts and filters

When you decide to take just a glance at the belt, hoses or even the filters isn’t enough to know their true condition. There is possibility that the hoses would suffer internal deterioration and give you unwanted surprise as you fire your car from all cylinders. To avoid, check these out while preparing to hit the road:

  • Check those hoses not only for possible tear but also for bulges. You can easily detect this by checking for soft spot. When you notice this, it means the hose is already wearing thin and is very susceptible to tear.
  • Check for crack or fray in the drive belt. Replace if necessary.
  • Once there is an issue with the air filter, quickly replace it to save your fuel. Though they might still work when plugged up, but it is wise to maintain good fuel mileage.   

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3. Extreme heat effect on the battery

Extremities in temperature, whether cold or hot isn’t good for the battery lifespan. When the battery is exposed to extreme heat, it increases the corrosion on your battery connections. This will prevent the battery from reaching full charge when driving. The solution here might not be necessarily replacing the battery. All you need to do is to test for charge and if it is okay, you just need to clean the corroded connection for optimal performance.

4. Hot weather causing tire expansion

We all know it can get really hot in this country. This heat will definitely tell on your car. When the tire gets consistently hot, it also tells on the internal air pressure as it expands. It is very risky to ply the road with an over-inflated tire. Apart from wearing out the tire before time, it could also lead to blowout. That is why it is very important you check your tire for over-inflation or under-inflation before you set out to any mishap on the road. Always adhere to the recommended air pressure in a tire as indicated in your manual.

Don’t forget it is important you visit your auto-mechanic to avoid problems like these leave you stranded.

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