Stop attaching too many things to your car key!


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When you attach so many things to your car key, you are putting too much pressure on the ignition system. Click to see the damages you can incur because of this habit!

Naija people! Take a look at a typical Nigerian car owner car key and you will marvel at the heavy weight the ignition carries on a daily basis. Attached to this single car key are the entire household keys, nail cutter, office keys and several other things. To most car owners, it is a norm and they even see it as signature of having many properties. Naijauto does not have problem with you having many keys but it is a bad habit to attach too many keys with your car ignition key.

Having many keys attached to the ignition key will definitely put too much weight on the ignition and eventually lead to failure sooner or later. This is possible due to the power of gravitational force which will definitely have an adverse effect by pulling down the ignition anytime you use your car to ascend an uphill, when you go over bumps, when you take a sharp turn and even when you are not moving the car at all.


Always keep your car key this way to prevent the ignition from wearing out

When you do it on a regular basis, you might not know but it is eating up your ignition system little by little. By the time you attempt to turn your car ignition key to start your engine and you are unable to, you should know there is a problem with your ignition which is caused by putting too much weight on it.

Solution here is making sure you separate the car key from other keys. It wouldn’t hurt to do so and you benefit from it in the long run.

How key works with ignition system in your car

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Oluwaseun Adeniji




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