Places your auto mechanic will definitely check during a car inspection


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General car inspection is vital to your safety on the road and longevity of your vehicle. Click here to see places your auto mechanics check during general car inspection!

Doing mandatory vehicle inspection periodically might not fit in within our busy schedules but it is often recommended for proper maintenance of the car. You should know that the purpose of doing this isn’t for fun or a way to take chunk of your earnings. It is to ensure that your car is safe enough on the road to safeguard your life and others' close by. However, knowing where your auto mechanic will check can save you a few bucks. You can fix the simple parts and leave the complex parts for your mechanic to handle. Take a look at few hints on places you can perform in a simple car inspection.

1. Damages on Windshield

This should be pretty straightforward for you to do. You need to check out for crack, loose seals and chips. These can inhibit your safety on the road. When you notice any of these problems with the windshield early enough, it gives you an edge to find a quick solution to it without having to put yourself at more financial troubles when the problems get worse.


Driving around with a crack in your windshield isn't much of a smart idea on road safety!

2. Condition of your tires

Before taking your car to your mechanic for inspection, checking the condition of the tires on your car should be an easy task to carry out. You need to take a look at the wear indicator bar on the tires. When you discover that the thread is severely worn out, it is definitely time for you to get a replacement. Check for similarity in shape and style of all tires. Having tires of different sizes isn’t safe for plying the road, especially the highway. While doing that, you shouldn’t forget to check your spare tire too.

3. Lights performance

You need to check all lights functionality in your car before taking it for general inspection. The lights you will inspect do not end with inner lights or headlights; there are some other safety lights you need to check, including emergency flashers, high beams, turn signals, backup lights, side lights and brake light.


You can carry out your personal inspection on your car before general inspection by mechanic

4. Brake issues

Checking the performance of the brake is also a smart step of saving cost of brake failure and being safe on the road. During expert inspection, if he discovers any severe brake problem, he will charge you heavily for that. You need to always be a step ahead of the general inspection. Check for any brake issue and get it fixed or replaced quickly. This also applies to the emergency brake too.

5. Steering and alignment

Generally speaking, aside inspection headache, you will not enjoy driving a car with steering or alignment issue. You must fix any issue before taking your car for inspection. However, if you are unsure about this, get it quickly to an auto shop to be diagnosed and fixed.

6. Seat belt

The seat belt is very key to your safety especially during a possible collision from accident. Air bags do come handy but safety belt is also very important. Always put your car seat belt in perfect condition to have a quick and less costly general inspection.

How to Perform a Vehicle Inspection

7. Leakage of fluids

Fluids leak is definitely not what you want happening with your car. Apart from the damage it will do to your car engine, you are also putting lives in your car at serious jeopardy. You need to get it fixed before waiting for a general inspection.

Do not see car inspection as a burden or waste of quality time. Just like we earlier mentioned, the idea is to make sure you are always safe any time you are on the road. It will also extend the lifespan of your car.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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