9 cool car hacks from simple items


Posted by: Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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Car hacks are useful to get you out of trouble, make things tidy, or just plain old fun. These handy tips will save you again and again. You will be glad.

Besides mere driving your car to your destination there are many others things you can do with or on your cars. Moreover,  whether you are a good car technician or not there are few car hacks that can help you out when your car is in bad shape till you get your mechanic.

While some these car tricks or hacks may not necessarily be perfect but some could be a life saver, others could be saving you from ‘wasting huge amounts of money to repair. Let's take a look at some cool car hacks you should know!

1. Lemon help

If you are to travel a long distance and you also feel like catching some sleep, you can bring along one or two lemons with you for the trip. When you are driving and the urge to sleep comes, put a slice of lemon under your tongue. The acid in the lemon will wake you up and you will be able to continue your trip. But if the urge keeps persisting, kindly find a nearby hotel to take a good rest because we can't cheat nature.


A slice of lemon will keep you awake during a long journey

2. Wonders of hand sanitizer

If you think the only good thing your hand sanitizer can do is to keep your hands free from germs, then think again. When your car lock is frozen you can simply unlock or melt it by putting the hand sanitizer in the lock hole, then wait few minutes and it will melt. Simple right?

3. Toothpaste clean

Do you know that aside from cleaning your teeth with toothpaste, you can also clean your headlights that looks unclear. How to do it? Simply apply the toothpaste on a cloth and use it to rub on the headlights. After this, wash the headlights with water. The aftermath is a sparkling appearance for clearer navigation.

4. Alternate use of Nail polish

Ladies nail polish is not meant for ladies only. If your car has a scratch on it, you don't have to change the color immediately, you can simply find the same color of the car in one of the ladies nail polish. Apply it in the affected place and leave it to air dry. And there you have it, a repainted car. Though, this may not last for a ‘very’ long period of time but it can serve for the time been when you probably have the time or money to do so.

5. Phone sticky mat

Some cars, recently are made with inbuilt stickers for holding your phones, GPS or other gadgets but many don't come with this cool inbuilt. But that doesn't mean you should change your car for this little ‘fault’. Simply get a sticky mat and place it on your car dashboard. This sticker will hold your gadgets and prevent them from falling. You can get it online or in any gadget store.


See how this superman sticky mat can save your phone!

6. Cereal Container

Your car is a property that should be handled with great care. Instead of throwing trashes inside your car and turning it into a heap of bin, you can use a used cereal container for your bin. Just put a bin liner on it for easy disposal and don't forget to dispose it every morning or in one or two days to prevent bad awful in your car. Aside from treating your car right, this also helps in keeping the environment clean as you don't have to keep throwing things off your car window.

7. Clothespin

Do you want your car to smell nice even without a car fresher?  Here is how to do it with a clothespin. If you have a favorite aroma oil like lavender, rose or even frankincense, pour a bit of it on the clothespin or peg and put it on your car air vent. The smell from the oil will gently circulate your car.


Pour some aroma oil onto clothespin and stick it to your car AC

8. Using hot cloth soaked for windshield sticker

If you have a sticker on your windshield, then you know that removing it can cause a messy aftermath. When you want to remove the sticker, soak a cloth in a hot water and place it on the sticker in an opposite direction and leave it there to cool. When cooled, you can remove the sticker and it will come out clean without any messy residual.

9. Shaving cream on car windows

During raining season, your car windows can go blurry. Though you can always clean them whichever way you want, but washing them with shaving clean can has an effective outcome. How to do it? Just wash your car window with a shaving cream.


Shaving cream works also, but remember to clean it carefully

>>> Enjoy these great hacks and do come back Naijauto for more useful tips & advice!

Joshua-Philip Okeafor
Joshua-Philip Okeafor

Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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