How to know if my car frame is bent?

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Car collision is the prime factor that make a bent car frame. Sometimes the contact is noticeable that make you ignore the impact. This article will help you detect the problem even from the most subtle clue.

We don't need to be a perfectionist to wish that our car should always steer away from car collision which is the main source of the bent frame that is the sore to the eyes. But bent car frame is just something we can't prevent just like we can't control other drivers to rule out the car collision. And sometimes we got the bent frame but it is just too subtle that we are not aware of it, so here in this post here on Naijauto, we'll be showing you how to check if your car's frame is bent and symptoms to be on the look out for.

How to check your car for frame damage

If your car has been involved in an accident, the first thing to do is to ensure you are safe before you start worrying about your car's condition.

A recommended way to check if the frame is bent is to have an auto body expert check it out for you. However, if you decide to do the checking yourself then do these.

  • Visibly check the exterior as well as under the car.
  • Pay proper attention to sounds you believe are unusual.
  • Check out the tyres to see if it has gone out of alignment. Uneven wear in the Tyres should be inspected.
  • The shocks and suspension should be paid attention to.


Car collisions are the main source of the bent car frame issue

Bent car frame symptoms

If an accident bent your car's frame, then look out for the following symptoms:

1. The car frame is visibly bent/damaged

This is the easiest of them and it also shows if there has been the worst damage. Take a walk around the car and check for cracks, rust or wrinkles inside the frame and outside too. Next is to go under your car and inspect to see if there's damage at the underpart.

2. Unusual car sounds

When the frames of your car are bent, you may begin to hear squeaking, creaking or other weird sounds. You may notice the noises coming from the front and rear. And if it's the case, get the car's body to be checked by an expert.


Unusual sounds may come from the front or rear of your car

3. Car alignment is off

After a collision, if you notice your car pulling either to the left or right, it's an indication that the body may have likely bent. If you have done an alignment and it's still not running straight, take it to a car body shop to check it.

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4. Uneven tyre wear

A bent car frame can affect the alignment and suspension which will result in uneven tyre wear. If you've been practicing tyre rotation, yet you still experience uneven tire wear, it might be that your frame is bent.


A bent car frame can affect the alignment and it will result in uneven tyre wear

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5. Uneven shock and suspension wear

If your frame is bent, it will cause your shocks and suspension to wear unevenly. Additional weight will be distributed to the affected part where the frame bent and it will make them wear quickly. Inspect your shocks and suspension for uneven wear. Get them checked out if you notice any sign.

6. Body parts don't fit correctly

The frame is the base of every part in the vehicle. The doors, bolts, mounts, and windows are places worth checking out for the bent frame. If there's such, components like doors won't be able to lap properly when it's about to be closed and in most cases, makes a squeaking sound.

7. Wheels track poorly

When driving straight forward, if the car is diagonal, its frame is bent. Some people call this situation dog walking or crab walking. Cars are meant to stay straight whenever the driver is driving in a straight line and not slanting either of both sides.

Perhaps you are wondering if you can drive a car with a bent frame. The answer is yes. It can only happen if the car is still aligned and again if it will stay on a straight line when you're driving. However, it is only at your own risk. Peradventure the car gets involved in another accident with the bent frame, the car could be seriously damaged and cause injuries to the occupants.

Now, can a car with a bent frame be fixed?

Yes, they can be repaired. We have some car experts who specialize in fixing the frames of vehicles with the right tools. Some experts use a machine to push back the frames into its normal state.

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Types of car frames

Car frames are categorized into two main types: The unibody frames and the ladder frames.

The ladder frames are used by older cars and track race cars while unibody frames are found on most modern vehicles. Both body frames can encounter a bent frame.

For unibody frames, they have been fitted with crumple zones which are been designed to absorb some of the impacts during a crash, instead of the passenger. This feature saves a life. Whether a car is running at a high speed or lower speed, they can cause damage to a car frame.

Video: Unibody vs Body On Frame - Which Is Best?

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