Car detailing and why it is too important to ignore in Nigeria


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Car detailing is all about making your car always feel like brand new.

We live in Nigeria where it is almost impossible to keep your car as neat as you want it to be especially on the exterior. We have sandy environments everywhere and dust particles that mess with your car’s hygiene.


Washing your car is just never enough

Thanks to car washing practices that have been helping us keep our car neat and pleasant at all times but did you know there is a deeper type of ‘car washing’ that takes your car back to how it was as at brand new? It is called car detailing and here's why it is too important to ignore in Nigeria is what we will be talking about today.

Car detailing meaning: What is car detailing?

Car detailing is the professional art and craft of cleaning and restoring a vehicle to an almost new condition with the combination of various methods and materials.

Car detailing services are more precise and time-consuming than getting a normal car wash. A car wash is simply a process that cleans up a car’s interior and exterior without restoring any good to the car. Most car washing done the wrong way kills the paint on a car and that is not a good thing.


This car is over 40 years and it still looks this way, only detailing can make that possible

As simple as taking care of a black interior car feels, you see that a lot of cars with a black interior are no longer real black. Dust and improper cleaning messes with the black and makes it lose its pure black form.

Car detailing is always done by hand which makes it very special.


This is meant to be pure black but dust has messed it up

It was very relieving when I found out that there are now car detailing services in Nigeria.

What are the services offered in car detailing

Anybody can detail a car, in simple English, it means cleaning a car with more concentration and focus on every area. We are talking about professional detailing here, it involves applying high quality materials that ensure that the car is being saved from ageing.

Starting from the exterior, here are some common detailing services you can get for your car.

  • Exterior wash and dry

This washing and drying process is done totally by hand. The detailer will spray high-quality products and wipe down the body of the car professionally.

This includes hand washing the rims, door handles, glass and lights of the car.


Detailing car rims by hand is not an easy task

You should have seen some cars covered in materials like snow.


Car covered in foam but will shine so bright when it is wiped down

That is a professional car detailing in process.

  • Paint Claying

In this process, a clay bar is used to remove any residue or contaminant left on the surface of a car after washing.


You thought it was red and muddy clay 

Claying ensures a smoother finish and surface for waxing and polishing of the car that will be done later.


Polishing involves an abrasive compound being buffed over the car’s paint to ensure every clear coat is removed. This makes small scratches and swirls in the paint go off. These swirls are always caused by using materials like rough sponge and clothes to wash your car and maybe detergent or improper car wash soap.

  • Waxing

To give your car that final shine that will brighten up your day, it has to be waxed with a high-quality wax. This wax also gives a protective layer to the car’s paint.


Buffing a car needs an expert, think twice before doing it on your own

Other detailing services that are often done by professional detailers include engine detailing and pressure washing, headlight polishing and trim repainting. Trims are those thin parts on your car that gives various components a fine edge and finish.

Car interiors also have a list of detailing services that can be done for you by a professional in the business.

  • Vacuuming

The seats, carpets, headrest, trunk area, footwells, glove box and every other compartment of the car is properly vacuumed with a machine to take out every debris.


Detailing is about cleaning the tiniest things

A lot of cars have debris stored in the tight corners of their cars and only vacuuming can take it out.

  • Scrubbing and brushing

This is done to take out stains that are in the carpet and floor of the car. This will be done through a dry method so that the mat/rug can dry faster.

  • Leather trimming

A high-quality leather cleaner is used to clean any leather part of the car.


When dealing with leather, one has to be more careful

These cleaners have particles in them that protect the leather of the car against the harsh conditions of the sun.

  • Perfuming

A good fragrance is a way to a clean heart. Professional detailers have car fragrances that will help your car smell brand new. Noticed that cars like Mercedes-Benz smell like sweet? Well, that was deliberate. 

Additional Car Detailing Services you can request for

Some car detailing services offer some of the services below, we are telling you the importance of each one of them so you can make a request if you will be needing any.

1. Paint Correction

This is a process that takes away painting errors on the top layer of a car’s paintwork like dull paint or oxidation. Most detailers use a powered rotary machine polisher to provide the best paint correction. 

2. Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer applied to the exterior of a vehicle to add a protective layer to the car’s paint. This is often used as a premium wax alternative. If you own a car you want to protect its paint for life,ceramic coating is one of the best ways to go.

3. PPF

PPF represents paint protection film. PPF is a thin film that helps you protect your car paint from rock chips, small scratches, UV light, dust particles, mineral deposits, and more.


Porche with a paint protection film about to be wrapped

This product and service offer more comprehensive protection than ceramic coating. 

How often and where can I detail my car?

You should detail your car at least twice a year if you want to keep it in pristine condition. It is a pricy service in Nigeria but looking at your car get detailed should take care of the financial damage to your bank account.

There are a couple of car detailers here and there in Nigeria, you can just search online for the closest one to you. The pictures in this article should guide you through what you should be looking out for with these car detailers.


Now you know what is called car detailing and why it is too important to ignore especially in Nigeria. Basically, car detailing is the only way to keep a car brand new for as many years you are ready to detail.

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