Car maintenance: Why you need car covers


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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Leaving your car "naked" exposes it to harmful substances that will make your pocket suffer! Check out reasons why you are better off using a car cover!

Regardless of the kind of car you drive, it must have cost you a reasonable amount of money to purchase it. The high cost of cars in Nigeria is the reason why a large percentage of the population still jumps commercial buses, even though they would rather have their own car. Having spent so much money to become a car owner, it is only logical that you would want to take good care of it by using maintenance tools like car covers.

As the name implies, car covers are simply used to cover your car from dirt and other substances that are of harm to it. Instead of these objects to have direct contact with your vehicle, they land on the cover. Made from fabric, car covers can be washed. Hence, dirt on them can be removed from time to time, giving them a brand new look. Perhaps you are not using one already, Naijauto shows you why you need car cover in this expository article.

1. Prevent damage from bad weather

Nigerian weather gets crazy sometimes. In the harmattan, heavy winds blow, raising so much dust and lifting particles in the air. If your car is without a cover, these objects can land on it, leaving scratches all over it. Some heavy objects lifted by the wind can even smash your windscreen.

During heavy rains, thunder storms could leave a crack on your windscreen as well, if they are left bare. Simply putting a cover over your car shields these elements of destruction from having much effect on it.

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2. Curb environmental nuisance

Even when you park your car in peace, minding you your business, some factors that constitute a nuisance in the environment may come looking for your trouble.


This can make anyone really mad!

Birds flying in the sky could leave their droppings on your car, messing it up completely. Dirt littered around could find their way to your car and ruin the exterior. You never can tell what will get on your car when it is parked. So, it is better to take precautionary measures by covering it up to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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3. Scare thieves away

Sometimes, car thieves carry out their operation in broad day light. As you park your car, they break in and steal your valuables within a few minutes.

A car with a cover cannot easily accessed. They will have to take off the cover before finding a way to open the door. It takes a different kind of courage to take off one’s car cover; no one in their right senses would do that because they know that they can easily be caught. You make your car a no go area to these criminals with the presence of a car cover. If they see your car, they will leave it and move on to the next.

4. Prevent garage dirt

Parking your car in your garage might seem like the safest thing to do. Granted, thieves may not have easy access to your garage to steal something, but your car is not immune to dust, is it? Accumulated dust left over time has the tendency to ruin your car paint.

In the course of moving objects, something might fall on your car. The damage is reduced if there is a cover preventing direct contact. At most, the cover will get ruined, and you can easily fix or replace it compared to the cost of repairing your car.


There is no room for dirt or any object to touch your car like this

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5. Avoid damage from people

People around you can be a threat to the safety of your car. They may not be criminals who want to steal it, but their actions could cause problems that require some money to be fixed.

Many people are fond of leaning on people’s car. In the process of doing this, they might accidently scratch your car or spill a strong liquid substance on it.

If you have kids in your vicinity, leaving your car bare is risky. Kids might choose to use it as one of their play toys. Its fresh-looking body might be used as a drawing board to write all their nonsense. It goes without saying that you will get furious when you see it, but that will not change anything. You can prevent it from happening in the first place by using a car cover.


Car covers may reduce the risk of car vandalism

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6. Keep safe from animals

If you think kids are a nuisance where cars are concerned, wait until you see animals in action. At least kids will not just damage your car without intent, animals on the other hand, do not need any intent to cause damage. They just do it because they want to.

If you have dogs around, do not be surprised to see them scratching your car with their fingers. Well, how are they supposed to know that you spent millions of naira to buy it? They are not wired to know that. Save yourself the trouble by using a car cover, will you?

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Chris Odogwu

Chris Odogwu

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