Car air conditioner: Many Nigerian drivers are guilty of these mistakes

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The air-conditioner is a favorite for many drivers because of the comfort it provides. Click to see certain mistakes that Nigerian drivers make while using it!

Don’t we all love the air conditioner in cars? It has a way of making driving a less stressful activity. The sun in Nigeria rises up to boiling point sometimes, it makes you afraid that you could get roasted. At these times, driving in a car without air conditioner feels almost like a punishment.

Many motorists are averse to the proper operations of the AC. Once they are in the car, they turn it on, and that is it. But as they say, ignorance is not an excuse. You need to stop making some harmful mistakes ASAP if you do not want to lose your AC. As always, Naijauto is here to assist you. Read along as we unravel the puzzle - five common mistakes ruining your air conditioner!

1. Always activating the air recirculation option

Car air conditioners come with the recirculation feature which basically allows the system to recycle air already inside the car instead of getting fresh air from outside. It is believed that this process helps the interior of a car to get cooler faster especially when the weather outside is very hot. It saves the air compressor the stress of trying to cool of hot air from outside as it makes do with what is already available inside.

But that is not all there is to it.


Recirculating air inside cabin sounds cool but not always good for your air-con

Recycling air in the car builds up a fog on the windshield, creating a cloudy atmosphere. While it is okay to use this feature, it should not be done always. If the weather is not very hot, allow the AC to get air from the outside.

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2. Directing the air jets to yourself

Sometimes, the weather gets so hot, you just want the air from the AC to come directly to you. We understand the need for this, but it is not a good idea. Air jets are constructed to distribute air evenly in the car. You get the most of the AC when the whole car has some air to go round.

If the jets are facing only you, it will take longer for you to get the cool interior that you desire. And if you have company in the car, they will not get any air. Allow the jets to face upward as recommended. That way, the air is spread across the car faster. Before long, the atmosphere will become cooler.

3. Putting on the AC immediately you enter your car

After leaving the hot sun outside, the first thing that comes to mind once you step into your car is to put the AC on full blast, after all, the function of the AC is to give you cool air, isn’t it? True. But if you did that, you would not get the cool air as much as you should.

There is already accumulated hot air in your car from being under the sun while parked. You should get rid of it before using the AC to generate cool one. If you put on the AC right away, it is only going to recycle the hot air, and you will have your windshield fogging up.

As you step into your car, turn down your windshield for about a minute for the accumulated air to fizzle out. Now, you can turn on the AC to generate fresh air from the outside. In a matter of seconds, the interior will start cooling up unlike the longer time it would take for hot air to be recycled.

4. Ignoring routine maintenance

We enjoy the AC so much, we forget that it requires routine maintenance for optimal performance. Just like other parts of your car, the AC needs to be serviced regularly. As it operates, certain components might become worn out or damaged. You may be oblivious of this, and continue using it like that. Soon, you will notice that it is not blowing cool air as much as it used to.

Something is amiss.

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A faulty AC system produces limited air

It is recommended that an AC’s clogged cabin filters be changed after going 10,000 to 15,000 miles, otherwise, it could pack up for good.

As you go to the mechanic for other repairs that seem more important to you because they are directly connected to the car engine’s performance, ask the mechanic to take a look at your AC too just to be sure that it is in good condition.

5. Not using the AC in the morning

This might not make any sense to you. Mornings are always cold, why use the AC when the weather is cold? As the outside temperature begins to rise, your windows will start to fog up if the AC is not turned on. To prevent this from happening, you should turn on the AC but keep it low.

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