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Car ac compressor price in Nigeria varies in different brands and models. Click to see the price list, when & how you can replace car ac compressor by yourself!

It is definitely not out of order to cool oneself in this very hot season by using your car air conditioner or refrigerating system. Driving a car without AC in Nigeria could be a bit challenging considering the point that you might have to keep your windows closed to avoid dust common on most roads in this country. It's ridiculous some people think car AC uses more gas than an open window. Being in a sealed vehicle without a working air conditioner will fry you up in a few minutes.

One of the potential problems of car AC is the car AC auto compressor which if damaged, might give you serious financial migraine depending on the kind of car you are driving. That's why Naijauto has spent time researching and collecting here car AC compressor price in Nigeria as well as reminding you of symptoms in a failed compressor for timely replacement.

1. What is car AC compressor?

The AC compressor is unarguably the most important component in a car air conditioning system. Its job is to put sufficient pressure on the air condition system and ensure proper flow of refrigerant for better performance. Because of such workload, car AC compressor is built to be durable.

The working mechanics of AC compressor is simple; it compresses refrigerant and send to the car air condenser. This is when the drive belt of the engine comes into play as it powers the entire process. When the highly pressurized refrigerant liquid becomes gas, it eventually becomes circulated right into the tubes. Consequentially, the heat dissipated from the gas becomes really fast and causes it to cool. When the cooled gas returns to the compressor, it goes in liquid form and thus the process is repeated in a cycle. That is why your car inner cabin becomes cool as a result of the cooled gas.

There are many factors you should take into consideration before choosing your car AC compressor, not just its pricing. Make sure you have done a careful research around the market to see which goes best with both your beloved auto and your budget.

2. Popular AC compressor parts brands

Among countless car spare parts providers in the country, Naijauto put here several reliable names which gain trust from our experienced drivers and auto experts with a bit review for your reference:


It doesn't take much time to find 5-star compliments on products from this brand. Perfect accuracy, User-friendliness and Durability is what you will mostly hear of Denso AC compressor.

How AC compressor works in a car


This brand is often placed in competition with Denso, which indicates the top quality of Nissens AC compressor.

Calsonic Kansei

Though Calsonic Kansei is not as popular as two abovementioned names, its products are commonly seen on online market so you can order easily.


Sharing similarities in hometown, Doowon AC compressors fit perfectly with Kia and Hyundai vehicles. Of course it can serve other brands, but you will feel best confident when using Doowon for your Korean made automobile.


Launched in earlier 1900s, Vista-pro has had long time experience in manufacturing aftermarket parts. That's why buying AC compressor from this brand should worry you no more.


If Sanden fits your car, it works perfectly. However, finding the right length of belt as well as the noise from timing belt causes much trouble for Sanden users.


This is another popular name for car AC compressor, but we doubt the availability of HVCC products. It seems this goods runs out rather quickly even on large online stores.


AC compressor from this brand receives opposite comments: some praise it for the excellent work while others criticize the product for its noise and indurability.

3. Car AC compressor price in Nigeria

Now let's take a look at car AC compressor price in Nigeria. The list below is for reference only; pricing may vary from time to time and be affected by some regional factors.

Car AC compressor price in Nigeria
Type of car AC compressor in Nigeria Price in Nigerian Naira
Acura MDX AC compressor ₦35,000
BMW AC compressor 2006 model ₦35,000
Kia Picanto AC comressor 2010 model ₦25,000
Kia Rio AC compressor 2013 model ₦24,000
Mitsubushi Pajero AC compressor 2000 model ₦24,500
Opel AC compressor 2001 model ₦19,000
Toyota camry 2.4L compressor 2004 - 2006 model ₦33,500
Toyota Camry AC compressor 2003 model ₦22,500
Toyota Camry AC compressor 2007 model ₦27,500
Toyota Camry AC compressor 2010 model ₦25,000
Toyota Corolla AC compressor 2009 model ₦30,000
Toyota Highlander AC compressor 2003 model ₦25,000
Toyota Highlander AC compressor 2008 model ₦28,000
Toyota Highlander AC compressor 2010 - 2014 model ₦70,000
Toyota Lexus 350 AC compressor 2007 model ₦25,000
Toyota Lexus RX 300 AC compressor ₦70,000
Toyota RAV4 AC compressor 2003 model ₦25,000
Toyota Sienna AC compressor 1996 model ₦20,000
Toyota Venza AC compressor 2010 model ₦35,000
Toyota Yaris AC compressor 2006 model ₦27,000
Superline Mini AC compressor ₦12,500
Mercedes Benz C Class AC compressor (Used) ₦20,000
BMW M42 AC compressor (Tokunbo) ₦12,000
Denso AC Compressor C230 Class (Used) ₦22,000


Denso AC compressors are popularly hunted, even for used items

2.3. Should you buy cheap AC compressors for cars? Is it more harm than good?

People often say "nothing cheap comes good" but they may be wrong. However, the experience accumulated for years hardly fails people's expectations, so: Should you buy cheap AC compressors for cars?

Before giving the answer to this question, let's define "how cheap it is". As you can see in the price list above, the price of a brand new car AC compressor varies greatly, ranging from only N12,500 up to N70,000. Compared to the pricing in general, the price N12,500 can be considered "too cheap" to be true, but in comparison with AC compressors for that type of car model, it's on average.

So, do not look at all kinds of AC compressor to judge one brand cheap or not, put it in consideration with other products for the same car model to see whether it's worth buying or not. If it's of the bottom price among compressors for a certain car model, you shouldn't expect much from its quality. Otherwise, a proper investment into a top ac compressor brand for your car model will definitely bring you joy for good. Do not randomly look at all brands, choose your auto model then compare available ac compressors for it.

3. Symptoms of a failing car air conditioner compressor

The following part is for you to realize when to replace your car air conditioner compressor. Read carefully for common symptoms of a failed auto ac compressor below!

  • Abnormality in cabin temperature

This happens when the temperature of the car inner cabin becomes higher than normal. At this point, you will notice that the compressor is not blowing enough coolness as before due to its inability to properly regulate the flow of refrigerant in the air conditioning system. Such irregularity in the temperature in your car should be the first hint that your car AC is having a problem.

  • Disturbing noise from the compressor

This implies very loud noise when the car ac compressor is working. This is definitely not the kind of noise you want to listen when driving. When the internal bearing of the compressor fails or any of the internal components breaks, there is high possibility of noise while it's working. That's why a worn out bearing will make disturbing noise in high pitch such as squealing or grinding sound. This is not the type of problem you should fix due to the technicalities and complexities in the ac compressor system. You will need to replace the entire compressor.

  • Damaged compressor belt

When you carry out an inspection on the ac compressor and you eventually discover that there is a problem with the belt, then you know the ac compressor fails. There is also a possibility for malfunction when the belts are rusted, leaking of oil and even damaged from paint. When there is absence of oil in it, it causes friction and makes it wear out easily. That is why your car ac system becomes very non effective and the temperature rises when turned on. The best solution here is to replace the entire system with the belt.


When the ac compressor belt is damaged, welcome to "Hot car challenge"

  • When the compressor clutch fails to move

Another way to know if there is a problem with your car ac compressor is when it the clutch fails to move. The function of the clutch on the compressor is to allow the engagement and disengagement of the pulley from the engine power. There are two problems here; if the clutch seizes, it permanently activates your car ac system and if there is a breakage, the engine will cease to supply power to the compressor. Although you can find a replacement for the clutch, but it is highly advisable you fix it by replacing the whole system.

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4. Car AC compressor replacement: when & how to do it

When there is a presence of mechanical problem or failure with the ac compressor system, the most feasible solution is to replace the entire compressor. But in a situation whereby the problem is electrical, you only need to replace the clutch and electromagnetic assembly. To ensure longevity and a consistent, effective performance of the AC compressor, you need to check it regularly.

So, how can you replace the car air compressor by yourself? Check the video below!

How to effectively replace a car ac compressor

5. Other important car AC parts

5.1. Car AC condenser

The condenser is the part that changes the refrigerant from the state of gas to liquid. When there is problem with the ac condenser, it starts producing frost or icy vent close to the ac panel. This is why the ac condenser, according to Naijauto experts, is the second most important component in car air conditioning system after the compressor.


The condenser is responsible for changing the refrigerant form to liquid from gaseous state

5.2. Car AC dryer

The ac dryer performs multiple functions in AC system. It is responsible for moving moisture out of the system, storing the extra liquid coolant, filtering the gas/vapor for external objects and removing solid or other obstructive substance from the refrigerant.

5.3. Car AC evaporator

This component in the ac system looks like radiator and produces very high heat exchange. It also acts as a humidifier since there is lack of moisture in the car system cool air. The ac evaporator ensures the return of moisture back into the system through evaporation, hereby allowing parts of the car ac to play their roles from there.


The ac evaporator acts as humidifier in an air conditioning system

5.4. Car AC expansion device

This device, also known as expansion valve, helps to drop the pressure of the liquid level. After the drop or fall in the pressure, the valve changes the refrigerant to a very cold mist. That is why without this device, it is impossible to feel cool air coming from the vent.

6. Conclusion

The car ac compressor is an integral part of the air conditioning system in the car. Except you have sufficient technical skill to diagnose the problem, it is better you seek the technical presence of an expert in that unit to help you proffer solution to any problem you might be having there. Remember, your comfort is very important when driving. Whether it is the fee for professional support or the expense that  car ac compressor price in Nigeria call for, do not hesitate to spend it in time to prevent further issues.

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