What does a Camshaft do in a car? How much to replace it in Nigeria?

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Many people know about crankshaft but do you know what a camshaft is and what it does in a vehicle? Read all about a camshaft in this brief article!

Believe it or not, Naijauto.com is assuring you that every internal combustion engine on average would have more than a thousand pieces and over 200 moving parts. And the camshaft is one of the highly important ones among these parts.

A vehicle’s engine will never run without a camshaft and it will also clearly not run well if the camshaft present inside is damaged or failing.

We realized that since most car owners and drivers never had the chance to disassemble a complete car engine, it might be really hard for them to know what a camshaft is and what it does/ how it works.

1. What is a Camshaft itself?

To literally put, a camshaft is just a shaft that has cams attached to it by design. These cams are usually oval-shaped bulges which are precisely placed along the shaft itself.

The number of cylinders and valves in the makeup of an engine is directly related to the number of lobes and the shaft length in its camshaft.


A camshaft is pretty much just a shaft that has cams attached to it by design

Camshafts are mainly manufactured and made of cast iron alloy or hardened steel.

Pretty straightforward, huh? So, what does a camshaft do in a car?

2. Camshaft in a car – What does it do?

In an engine, the valves in the engine’s cylinder head close as the camshaft open. During the rotation of the camshaft, the high spots on the cams will press on the valve filters in the process. This motion then forces the valves to open up, and the valve springs then return the valve itself to its seated position just at the moment the cam lobe rotates past it.

How is the camshaft able to rotate?

You must have surely heard about a car component of called the “timing belt” or “timing chain”, right?

This timing belt or chain actually connects the camshaft itself to the sprockets located on the front of the crankshaft in order for them to operate in proper sync.

The crankshaft in a vehicle’s engine transmits energy to the engine’s camshaft so that it can rotate and causing the intake & exhaust valves to open and close in real time.

3. Signs of a failing camshaft

Just like every other moving part of an engine, the camshaft is also vulnerable to having issues. Although problems with a camshaft are not that frequent in most modern cars it does occur every once in a while.

What signs accompany a failing camshaft?

It is common that in situations of a failing camshaft, the “Check Engine” light will come and stay on. Some of the other common symptoms include;

  • A misfire code associated with one specific cylinder and some possible camshaft position codes as well
  • You might encounter random loss of power in the vehicle engine
  • The dead miss might also keep occurring in the engine
  • Audible “tapping noise,” noticed to be coming from the top end part of the vehicle’s engine
  • Noticeable popping or backfiring from the affected vehicle’s intake or tailpipe

We will like to point out that all of the above symptoms are non-specific or unique to only failing camshafts but might be a result of other affected components in a car. So, we strongly advise you should still have an auto mechanic check out your car to confirm if it is truly a camshaft related issue or not.

  How to check and notice bad camshaft

4. How much does it cost to replace a Camshaft in Nigeria?

It depends on which auto parts store you ware shopping for a replacement camshaft in Nigeria, but on average, you should get a new one between ₦8,500 and ₦10,000. The price might also be affected/determined by your car brand and type as well. But with workmanship, the total cost you will want to budget should be around ₦12,000 to ₦18,000.


Avoid ignoring signs and symptoms of a failing camshaft as well as any other parts of your car. Taking action on time always saves anyone of much bigger repair cost from further severe damages.

 >>> Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out our other useful car maintenance tips and advice. Goodluck!

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