See why buying original spare parts is important to your car!

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Buying genuine spare parts for your car might affect your monthly budget but it definitely worth a try. Read here on why it is important to you and your car!

It is quite important and highly recommended despite the financial implication to always buy genuine spare parts for replacement in your car. We understand on Naijauto that it could be sometimes challenging especially if you’re a middle or low income earner. Putting this at the top of your list could affect other plans you have set aside for that particular money. However, having to sacrifice for spare parts that will serve you very well is so much better than managing just to get any spare part for your car. Though these non-original spare parts might work immediately, it’s all for a while and you might end up regretting buying it in the first place.

Check out the reasons why you should always buy original spare parts below!

1. Top R-S-D quality

Three things you cannot take away from buying top quality spare part is Reliability, Safety and Durability. Purchasing genuine parts will give you the advantage of buying what will perfectly work with your car without giving you problems later. This implies the production of those parts at the same manufacturing unit with your exact model. It’s just like buying your car anew. It will even give you confidence when behind the wheel.

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2. Warranty policies

If you like acting cunny and probably you have gone away with it several times especially when it comes to buying what might determine your safety on the road. Just know that your safety and comfort are in your hands.

Most of these fake spare parts are mostly ridiculously cheap with no warranty of any sort. This means that the producer is selling it you to put in your car without any assurance whatsoever. A smart car owner knows that buying original car parts will definitely come with a warranty that shows the manufacturer belief in the product.

This warranty should include conditions of repair or return within a particular time in use.

3. Your own Safety

Like we earlier mentioned, your safety is paramount and should be at the top of your priority list if you are buying any car parts. You cannot put a price tag on life. So, it is important you preserve it with your last Kobo. One very vital step to that is buying genuine spare parts for your car. Doing so, you are safeguarding your life, the other occupants in your car and of the other motorists plying the same road with you.

4. Time efficiency

When you patronize original parts dealers, you save yourself from unnecessary stress and time wasting accustomed with walking around the market to find the most perfect part for your car among several confusing options. Time they say is money. Because of small price difference between the counterfeits and original, you might end up getting frustrated and stressed out at the end of the day. What you need to do in order to avoid this, is to approach an authorized parts dealer for your kind of car and purchase the needed part.


Your choice of counterfeit over genuine car spare parts might backfire!

5. Financial smartness

One thing that some Nigerian car owners do not understand is that if you buy counterfeit, you end up spending a lot. How is that possible? When you attempt to overlook the genuine car part and opt for cheap ones, you end up wasting money replacing this particular part every time or might even incur more damages on your car. You discover that overtime; you have spent more compared to getting the quality one in the first place.

Always overlook the financial discomfort when acquiring parts for your car. It is a smart decision to ensure your safety and driving experience while on the road.

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