What is the bumper and fender on your car?

By Oluwaseun Adeniji
Publish on June 12, 2019

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There is a strong misconception between the fender and bumper on a car as many people wrongly use both together. Read on to see the major difference!

There is a misconception among people what bumper and fender mean in their separate terms. The most obvious of this is the common expression “bumper to bumper” which some may wrongly use as “bumper to fender”, when people are trying to refer to cars getting too close to each other in a traffic almost with no space in between them.

The fender and bumper are two different terms and components of a car but what is the difference between the bumper and fender? Here's the answer by Naijauto!

1. What is a car bumper?

The bumper is usually installed or equipped at the front and rear of a car, which is primarily put there to minimise body damage by absorbing the colliding impact.

A typical bumper looks like moulded plastic that has a contoured shape. It horizontally spans across the back and front of a car, shielding it from bumps or collisions at the rear and minor damages in the front.

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A bumper is installed both on the front and back of a vehicle

2. What is a car fender?

The fender on the other hand is the curved metal acting as a guard on the arcs over the car tires. The main function of a fender is to guard against throwing of sand, mud, rocks, liquid and other kinds of spray on the road into the air while the tire is rotating.

The fender is what you would see on many older cars as new cars now come with nested tires, which are hidden inside the car’s body. This could also be referred to as quarter panel.

That doesn’t mean you can’t see fenders on newer vehicles. Some manufacturers still put good fenders on flatbed trailers, trucks and motorcycles.

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A fender acts as protection against mud, rocks and other road spray in the air while moving

So, while the bumper is located on the front or rear of a vehicle, the fender is usually installed on the side.

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