4 major causes of the broken windshield wiper and what to do

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How frustrating it would be for you to deal with a broken windshield wiper during a rain, right? Then you should know about its causes and what to do to get rid of such a risk!

Have you ever been in a situation where your windshield wipers stop working all of a sudden? It might have even wiped for a couple of minutes and as the rains got heavier, it randomly stopped. This can be heartbreaking especially if you need to be at a destination as quickly as possible.

Not only will the wipers prevent you from seeing what's ahead, but it makes you take in a lot of water than it should. This can cause rainwater to enter into sensitive parts of your vehicle. We understand how important your windshield wipers are to your driving. That's why Naijauto has decided to look into what stops your windshield wipers from working. We will be focusing on 4 major causes of the broken windshield wiper and offering suggestions on what you can do to solve the problem.

1. When the wiper control starts to malfunction

The windshield wiper control of your car is usually at the left side of the steering wheel, well positioned for you to use while still having control of the vehicle. This same control level also handles the trafficator lights or blinkers, sometimes it operates the headlights too and is used to flash a high beam of low beams. With all these roles assigned to a single control lever, it's bound to malfunction at some point.

So when you start clicking it and the wipers won't just come on, something would have gone wrong. It's pretty much easy to tell when there's a malfunction because even the blinkers and headlamps won't come on when you click the switch. This isn't a job of a mechanic per se, but that of your car electrician. Visit the electrical shop and have it checked them fixed. If the problem persists or the lights can now turn on but the wipers still can't, then you can inspect the next probable culprit - the wiper blades themselves.


Everything gets problems with time, the wiper included

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2. When the windshield wiper blades are torn or worn out

When you take a close look at your windshield wipers, you will notice there are some rubber blades that attached to them that makes cleaning of the windshield smoother. When these blades have been used for a while, they get torn or worn out. When this happens, the wipers won't efficiently run over the windshield as it normally would. It might get too stiff when going up or coming down. It could also get stuck midway while cleaning the glass.

Some blades end up even leaving scratches on the windshield and this will ruin the looks of your vehicle. Therefore, if you notice that the edge of your wiper blades are worn out or you have used the wipers for quite a while, have them replaced as soon as you can to prevent damages to the glass and even the system.

3. When the fuse of the windshield wiper blows out

The windshield wipers do not operate on their own without the help of the wiper motor. The motor has a fuse that ensures the right amount of power gets into the windshield motor for the wipers to work effectively. When there is too much pressure on the motor or water trickles into the electric system, the fuse can get blown.

Once this happens, the windshield wipers won't get enough power from the motor, leading to a malfunction. Usually, when the fuse is blown, you will hear a funny ringing sound when you turn on the wipers or they will work for a few minutes and stop. All you need to do is to look at the windshield wiper motor area to know if there is any object or debris obstructing the wipers. If there is, take it out. You will still need to visit your professional electrician to fix a new fuse with the ideal capacity for you quickly.

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With the fuse blown out, the windshield wiper fails to do its job

4. Heavy rains and hail storm

In foreign countries, snow and hail storm can prevent wipers from working. The work that needs to be done by the wipers will be so much and they won't work efficiently. In Nigeria, we witness hail storm and heavy rains that can cause flooding. Once you're in that situation where you notice that your wipers are getting weak while trying to clear the windshield, park somewhere and turn them off.

If you try to force them to carry on with the workload, you will end up with a motor that will malfunction, wiper fuse that will get blown up, bent wiper blades and even damage to your windshield.

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Force against the windshield wipers during hail storms can totally break them down

With the knowledge you have garnered from this article on  4 major causes of the broken windshield wiper, you should be able to detect a fault easily. Also, if you intend to drive a lot during stormy weather or heavy rainfall, change your wiper blades too. There are bigger windshield wiper blades that are more expensive but bigger than the regular "follow come" types. They are also stronger and don't get worn out that quickly.

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