5 basic tools every driver should have – no matter what you drive!

Though these tools might look mundane and very basic, but the earnings you will save with these tools are no child's play. Check the explanation below!

These days, cars have become very intelligent and require little effort from the driver to do anything including maintenance.

The artificial intelligence and computer programming installed in most recent cars are advanced, and most drivers wouldn't even know where to go first when they encounter minor malfunctions with their car. “Why fiddle with the thing when you have no idea what's wrong with it” they’d say, but the point is, having some basic mechanical know-how and a few basic tools can make a huge difference on your car maintenance cost and your pocket.

Here, Naijauto brings you the 5 essential car tools every driver should have handy. Enjoy!

1. Shop towels or are they shop rags?

This is the equivalent of a paper towel usually found in a kitchen to clean up any oil spill or grease in the kitchen. Every mechanic shop has one of these. It's usually a worn out clothing used as a rag to clean up excess grease or oil from car maintenance jobs. In most Nigerian mechanic workshop you will always find a rag used to mop up oil spills or during maintenance jobs. However, the standard tool for cleaning up spilled oil or grease is a shop towel.


Never leave your home without having a shop towel in your car!

You can always find it in most hardware stores. But how can this help me or is this even a tool? You ask. The fact remains that for every engine there are vital oils that need to be check every now and then. Been able to ascertain the correct levels and being able to know when to add more oil is very essential to the proper maintenance of the engine and car. Therefore, a shop towel will come in handy for those times when you need to check engine oil and also need to confirm if they need refilling.

A shop towel can save you a lot of headaches. Well, you can thank me later.

2. A funnel

So, you remember that part where having these tools could save you a lot of earnings? Well, if you need to perform simple maintenance operation like putting oil into your engine without a funnel, then you can as well kiss your saved earnings goodbye.

We've all been there where we think our hands are straight and we could fill up the engine with oil without the use of a “common” funnel. We all know how that usually ends, not too well for a lot of us. Hence, the need for a funnel as a handy tool cannot be overlooked. That's not all, it will do a whole lot of good if we use this tool to fill our cars with necessary fluid that they need while making sure that they do not spill on the heated engine.


A funnel will save you from wasting an appreciable amount of fluid while filling your engine!

It also comes in handy to fill a car with all essential liquid including engine oil, brake oil, water for the radiator, and coolant.

3. A tyre-pressure gauge

A tyre pressure gauge is mostly found in a vulcanizing shop but almost never in a driver’s toolbox. This is simply because most car drivers never anticipate that the tyres are ever going to suddenly go flat.

Now, here is one thing you might not have noticed about most tyres, they all have a flat side bulging look that makes them look the same even when they are not equal in air pressure. This might make it hard for you to notice any difference until the tyre eventually goes flat and by then it's a little late.

But that's not all. Driving with tyres that are not properly inflated can be a dent in your pocket as the drag in acceleration can cause a significant consumption of fuel which again throws your saved earnings up in thin air. A pretty basic tyre pressure gauge or better a standard digital tyre gauge to avoid headache and embarrassment of suddenly deflated tyres can also save yourself more money.


Save your fuel by using a tyre pressure gauge to ensure the right air pressure for your tyres!

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4. Jack stand

Now it's getting pretty advanced compared to the previous car tools mentioned. A jack stand is not your typical jack that usually comes as a standard package with your car. Instances, where you have to change your engine oil by yourself, would require more than a standard car jack. Having a jack stand will help you to effectively remove and replace your engine oil safely by yourself.

Another case where a jack stand comes in handy is when you have to change your brake pads. Although, brake pads are usually inexpensive to buy and a bit easy to fix, not having the right tools such as the jack stand to fix it will make it quite cumbersome and discouraging to fix. But having the jack stand makes it possible for you to fix the brake pad while making savings that will have otherwise gone to your car mechanic who does a pretty simple job for some appreciable amount.


Perform cool do-it-yourself maintenance on your car using a pair of jack stands!

5. Torque wrench vs. wheel spanner

As discussed in the foregoing with changing your car's brake pads, it is only obvious that you will have to remove your car wheels, and after replace them back. A standard wheel spanner that accompanies your car as a standard tool will not be adequate in giving your wheels the required and acceptable torque as given in your car's manual. You will need to get the right torque wrench usually with a maximum rating of 100Nmm for a passenger car to get the right torque required for your car.


A torque wrench looks like a simple tool but it does much more!

6. Final take

So there you have it, the top 5 basic tools that Naijauto thinks should never be found wanting in the trunk of your car, that is if you ever plan to save yourself a sizeable amount in maintenance fee.

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