What's the basic rule in rotating your car tyres?


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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Many Nigerian drivers are still adamant about tire rotation and they mostly see it as crappy idea. Check out why it is important you do it often!

Many people wonder why it is important to rotate one’s car tyres since the tires rotate on their own. The idea itself feels so crappy to many drivers. You dare not say this in the presence of some know-all drivers. Funny as it may sound; many cars owners or drivers have no idea behind the working principle and benefits of tire rotation. The simple explanation for this is; tires do not wear off at the same time or at similar level. Swapping tires helps maintain longevity. It saves you the financial stress of buying new tires every time.

Reasons why tires wear differently

Here on Naijauto, there are several reasons why tires wear differently. These variations are based on the kind of car you are using and your consistent driving habit. Take a look at the reasons behind why you might encounter such problem with your car:


In most regular cars with front drive system, the front tires are prone to wear out faster

1. It is quite common with regular vehicle to put its power down to the road via the rear axle. This is why there is much expectation from most drivers that the tires at the rear of the car will definitely wear out faster. However there is an exception and a funny twist to this, if your driving habit is Stop and Go driving, there is a possibility that most conventional cars use their front tires to perform braking, it will scrub off much rubber as a result of heavy front brake.

2. If you are staying in hilly places or you even work there, it will be worse if such area has lots of twist. This makes driving very difficult and may eventually wear out the tyre thread sooner than expected.

3. The possibility of front tires wearing out in a typical front drive car is very high, since the bulk of the work is on the front tires such as steering, thrusting and also the weight of the car.

4. When you attempt to spin your tyre away from the traffic light, it also affects how quick your tyre will wear out. This will peel off chunk of rubber from the tires regardless of the drive system; whether front drive, rear or all drive. Even sliding around corners or braking into freeway exit will still affect how your car tires wear out.

5. When it comes to alignment, there is no rule that says wheels should be perfectly perpendicular to the pavement or even pointed ahead straightly. A car is made to ensure the best handling, ride and steering. Wears may not be perfectly consistent in the thread due to the complex and diverse system of alignment.

The fact that roads are mostly constructed slightly slanted toward the curb for drainage, which conditions you to drive or steer mostly to the left side of the roads. This will affect some tires to wear out quickly.


Fixing it at home isn't that hard of a task. taking it to a mechanic is not a bad idea either!

How should you rotate your tires?

It is quite important to check the manual that comes with the car. Generally speaking, it is recommended you do that regularly. An average driver or car owner should know that tire rotation should be between 5000 miles to 10000 miles. It can even be at least two times in a year.

Rotating the tires isn’t as difficult as most people think, what you just need is a jack and other tools in the toolbox. They mostly come with the car. Find a cool spot and park your car. This will make it less stressful considering the rigour of doing any maintenance work under the intense sun. But if you do not want to do it by yourself, you can take your car to a mechanic with better equipment like lift and pneumatic tools, which make it all simpler.

How to PROPERLY Rotate Your Tires

Though rotation patterns may vary, but the simplest way out is swapping the front tires with the rear ones. Or probably swap it diagonally.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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