7 common automatic transmission problems

Faulty automatic transmission problems can mostly be traced from these 7 spots.

Cars can be built with two kinds of transmission. Either a car is built with a manual or an automatic transmission but today let's just focus on the automatic one. It is an important system that requires to be taken care of to ensure it lasts longer while in operation. Now imagine you intend to go for a long drive that will take you out of town in an isolated area, and you discovered your car's automatic transmission is not working, what will you do in that situation? How will you assess the problem to proffer the solution when you don't know common automatic transmission problems?


Here are some possible problems that might be responsible for a faulty automatic transmission

Automatic transmission problems do not start suddenly. There will be warning signs which your vehicle has been giving you to detect the issue but you are oblivious to those warning signs. To bring you out of ignorance, Naijauto.com will be listing out the common automatic transmission problems to help you detect them when they arise. Replacing an automatic transmission will cost you more than replacing an engine, so we wouldn’t want you to go through that expensive hassle. Here they are.

7 Common automatic transmission problems

Automatic transmission problems show up in these ways:

1. Slipping gear

A slipping gear can happen while you are driving your car in a particular gear. If the gear shifts automatically to another gear, it’s an indication of a slipping gear. It can also appear as a weird noise from under your car or a transmission line that's wearing out. This demands an immediate inspection from a car mechanic.

2. Low transmission fluid level and leaks

This is the most common problems of automatic transmission: low fluid level or leak. When there is a leak, you’ll notice a red or black liquid coming out under your car. To avoid car transmission problems, change the transmission fluid and filter regularly. Don’t ignore a transmission problem, as it may end up being a big issue.


Transmission fluid should be changed periodically

3. Failure of electrical components

If you notice your car speed sensor is no longer working when you are driving, you will certainly feel bad. It can be because of some electrical parts that have damaged. When the parts are wrecked, the electronic circuit may be unable to regulate the transmission.

4. Broken flywheel

A broken flywheel is easier to spot out as an automatic transmission problem. You can know the flywheel has broken by just taking a look. In this situation, it won't be able to pass enough engine power that's needed to the transmission.


The broken flywheel can be detected easily by sight

5. Gear shift lock

Can you imagine driving on the highway using only your first gear? It might be a known problem in the manual transmission car that won't go into gear while in speedy motion but it's unimaginable in automatic transmission cars. Gear shift lock is a serious automatic transmission problem. You’ve used the first gear and now, you are finding yourself stuck in trying to shift to another gear. This is quite risky! The cause can be traced to the transmission shift solenoid. The solenoid is responsible for pushing transmission fluid all over the system. So if it gets jammed, it won't be able to transmit enough power while you drive. The best solution to a shifting gear might be a shift lock release mechanism. You should be able to know how this works.


Driving with only the first gear option is dangerous. The shift lock problem should never be let happen

6. Overheating transmission

Overheating transmission is a common problem Toyota cars face. When the fluid is dirty or burnt, this problem tends to arise. Car drivers should endeavor to change the fluid in proper time to prevent additional damage.

7. Check engine light coming on

The check engine light is there to detect when there’s a problem with the car. And since the transmission has a lot of sensors that can detect anything unusual with the car, the sensor signals to the computer of a problem detected. Then it alerts you through the check engine light that turns on. An automatic transmission problem can be picked by the check engine light. Do check it to prevent further damage.

Video: Replacing an automatic transmission will cost you more than replacing an engine

 And the next time you experience any of these automatic transmission problems, take your car to the mechanic. Do well to check out other automatic transmission topics on our car maintenance section here on Naijauto.com.

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