5 things you should never say to auto mechanics in Nigeria

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No matter how constant repair might frustrate you or get you desperate, read here on the five things you should never say to your auto mechanic to avoid troubles!

There is a popular saying in Nigeria that goes thus: ‘words are like eggs, when it breaks, it can’t be retrieved”. Many things could frustrate you about your car which can make you to release some wrong statements that could either annoy him or make him take advantage of you. It is wise to approach him with courtesy and well informed mind.

Using of foul words or certain statement can put you at disadvantaged position. Even asking of some questions can really show your vulnerability and lack of knowledge about the issue at hand. Here on Naijauto, are 5 things you should never say to your mechanic.

1 - "Please do anything that needs to be done"

When you say this or make related statement to the auto mechanic, you have just given your mechanic a blank cheque. He will use that opportunity to take advantage of you by asking you to pay for things you do not necessarily need. Some of these things he might not even buy. Since he is aware of your ignorance, he sells wrong mechanical problems to you and you pay at the expense of several plans you have for that money.


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2 - "I have no idea of what is wrong with my car"

When you show your mechanic that you know nothing about a car aside driving, you have just become a prey especially to cunny ones. Although we have good ones among them, you may not be lucky to meet one, hereby putting your ignorance at their mercy. We have always mentioned here why it is important you educate yourself about certain things about your car. This knowledge will give you an edge when you approach your mechanic and state the problem with your car. When he sees that, it becomes difficult to take advantage of you.

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3 - "I can’t afford that repair cost"

Always take your time and do your research well about the problem before taking your car to an auto workshop. Why is this important? It gives you options when your mechanic gives you maintenance or repair cost way beyond your budget.

Sometimes, mechanics might not know the exact amount of the component or part they want to replace in your car. When you press panic button the moment you hear the price, you tend to make irrational decision. There is one common thing about many mechanics in Nigeria, the moment you start saying you can’t afford a particular price without doing your research, the mechanic will get you one that will be within your budget but way off the quality you wanted.

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4 - Jump into conclusion about particular fault with your car

We love bold and knowledgeable car drivers. However, such arrogance can put you into trouble. Stop dictating to the mechanic. You trust him enough to handle your car for you. When you are becoming too authoritative to a mechanic, he might get pissed off and do what you want. What you want might not be what your car needs. Learn to be patient and refrain from taking hasty decision.

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5 - Keep mute when you need to ask

Asking question might not be a bad idea when you learn to do it rightly. Sometimes, an inaction or quietness signals approval to the mechanic. Do not be too timid to ask when you are confused. At the same time, do not let your guard down when asking.

In a nutshell, what we are implying here is that your lack of words means you are actually talking to him to do anything he sees like.


For healthy relationship, treat your mechanic with courtesy to get the best from him

These might not necessarily apply to your trusted mechanic. They are just tips to get prepared in case you find yourself in such situation. Do not do self-service at home if you do not have the skill or proper information. Take your car to a good and reliable mechanic.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji is a passionate writer and a poet with special interest in writing about cars. He is a master degree holder in international conflict and management. He enjoys feeding the public with the latest auto gist and well researched car reviews. He is also a strong football lover. So, if Oluwaseun is not writing, expect him to be reading about sports.




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