Symptoms of a loose alternator belt and repair cost in Nigeria


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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An alternator belt gives the battery the energy it needs to power the electrical components of a car. See symptoms to look out for to prevent damage as well as the cost to replace it here in Nigeria!

The word “alternator” isn’t alien to one who has either owned a car in the past or currently owns one. The main function of the alternator is to sustain car battery power in order to power the electrical components of the car.

If you take out the alternator from your vehicle, your battery won’t have the capacity to power the electrical components in it because it lacks the energy to generate needed power to function. With the help of the alternator, the charge in the battery is continuous throughout the entire electrical components.

There’s a spinning in the car when the alternator is on an active charge. There’s also the alternator belts wrapped around the pulley, connected to the alternator. The crankshaft is also wrapped by the other side of the pulley.

The alternator pulley facilitates the combined rolling of the alternator and crankshaft. In the absence of the pulley, there’s nothing the alternator can do in this regard.

5 signs your alternator belt is faulty

Every day you take your car out for a ride, your alternator belt becomes weaker and older. The more it’s put to work, the more it loses its strength, and is prone to damage in terms of tear and wear. In the event of this, all sorts of problems are inevitable. Having noticed any of the symptoms discussed below, your next line of action should be to find a lasting solution by getting a replacement for the alternator belt.


The ignition can only come on when the alternator belt provides adequate power

1. Vehicle stalling

Your car engine begins to stall while in motion if there’s a problem with your alternator cable. When your engine stalls, it means your entire vehicle will stall too. Your acceleration power will be lost by a great percent. And you might be forced to pull over because your car could begin to malfunction right there on the road. It isn’t pleasant to park your car on the road, especially in an area you aren’t conversant with. If it’s a deserted, you stand the risk of being attacked by Area Boys.

2. Flickering lights

While driving your car, have you ever noticed the light suddenly begin to flicker or go dim right inside the cabin? If your answer is yes, a battery or alternator issue could be the problem. To be certain that the problem is actually from the alternator belt, check whether the flicking goes on for a while before the electric power is completely exhausted.

3. Battery warning light

A car’s battery warning light doesn’t always come on. In most cases, when it does, it’s a sign that you should check your battery for possible problems. But sometimes, the battery warning light isn’t strictly an indication of a problem with the battery itself. It could indicate that something is wrong with the electrical components of the car, affecting the battery. It isn’t advisable to delay when you notice this. Your next stop should be the mechanic workshop.


Don't ignore your car battery warning light

4. Car won't start

The alternator powers the battery. This powering also includes igniting the fuel and air mixtures located in the combustion chambers of the car. If the alternator belt is loose, it won’t be able to facilitate the ignition process. So, you won’t be able to move an inch, until it’s fixed. This can be very frustrating.

5. Dead battery

In the event the alternator is unable to power the battery, the battery will attempt to produce the power the vehicle requires. In trying to do this, the battery will be completely drained, knocking it out.

Cost to replace the alternator belt in Nigeria

The cost of an alternator belt is between N10,000 to N25,000 depending on where you buy it from. There’s no flat workmanship rate. Bargaining isn’t a crime. Naijauto advises that you beat down whatever price your mechanic gives you at first in order to get a very good deal.

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Chris Odogwu
Chris Odogwu

Chris Odogwu

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